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"A Note To God," It’s Sad But True

He walking down the street and talking on the phone to his homie, probably saying the usual teen stuffs like, “Was’ up, yo, ” “Hell ya,” “I know dude, didja see those muffin tops.” His bro on the phone heard a crash and then traffic thundering by, but not dude. His cousin, who was walking to meet him, found a bleeding, unconscious bro-cus in the median and called the police. Allen Wright, 18, has been in the hospital and in a coma ever since. Neurosurgeons said that he has a 30/40 percent chance of regaining consciousness because of the injuries from the hit and run (freekin’ coward). Allen also created the iphone app called “A Note To God.

The prayer program, A Note To God, was invented by Allen as he was chillin’ and feeling “lonely”-typical teen stuffs. “If you want to send a message , and you don’t have anyone to talk to, you could send a little prayer (I think that is kind of sweet, except the prayer thingy).” Over 200,00 prayers have been sent out into …I actually don’t know where they go…out into cybersapce whatever that is. His father has said, ” We believe in the power of prayer. Allen needs his idea of “A Note To God” to work for him (Sac Bee).”

I’m feeling really weak lately. I’m so up and down, at one moment I’m strong regular Kriss and the next moment I’m sensitive or zombie like, or both. A couple of weeks ago I may have written something  forceful and commented on the irony or the karma (which, or course, I do not believe in); not now, not today.

I’m thinking about the family and dudes friends. Everyone must be crushed. They went to church every week and just like right now with the tsunami in Japan, I think it’s too early to make jokes, or even be negative. I don’t care that the prayers went to nowhere (a database), or that others peeps prayers could be read (when prayer are supposed to be between you and God). A young person with his whole life in front of him is now in a coma. We can survive without food or water for periods of time, but lack of oxygen to the brain can result in permanent…well, you know. This week has seen so much death ( thousands of bodies roll up on Japanese beaches), protesters fighting for democracy and freedom have been slain in Bahrain, and now this. I’m sick of it. It is too hard to handle, thus my weakness.

I don’t know what kind of believers the Wrights are. Whether they are the “fag haters”, or the anti abortion, purity, family values douches, or if they are the liberal and socially conscious believers-people who, except for belief in a supernatural God-I agree with. What I do know is that a young life by the name of Allen is in a coma, everyone around him is probably crushed ( I know I would be ) and that their peeps are asking for prayers (what we call wishful thinking and statistically improbable).

Allen, all I can say is, good luck and I hope the best for you. I’m sure that the doctors here in reality are trying their best…and, good luck Christian homie.

* Sac Bee

* Article A Note To God

* The nice things MEDEL said about dude.


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