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White Is Right, Or Not

There is free speech and there is stupid-racist-speech. It appears that UCLA student, Alexandra Wallace participates in the later. The student from my backyard, Fair Oaks, posted a Youtube video that went viral-attracting millions of viewers.

The racist known as Grand Poobah Wallace posted her video after the super tragic tsunami in Japan and in it she ranted about how those beady eyed Asians (I said that, not her, but I wouldn’t be surprised) talked loudly on their cells phones. What were those Asians doing, calling Japan to see if their peeps were OK. Those selfish Asians were talking loudly and Grand Wizard Wallace was not having any of it. She was already tired and frustrated by the “hoards” of Asians that populate UCLA and (nonexistent) heaven forbid, how dare they be “loud” when they were attempting to check up on their family after this epic historic tragedy.

Many have called her cell phone to rant back, she has been death threat-ed and the school is contemplating possible expulsion. Her father said that she promised/threatened to create a blog so she can ‘go racist’ s’more (sheez). She also has the honorable goal of being cast to be in the audience of MTV’s Jersey Shore (what a loser).

In times like this we need unity and compassion, not racism. Yesterday I wrote about the xtian prayer app dude that was struck by a hit and run driver and is currently in a coma. I called for compassion, even tho, perhaps, we do not agree on issues. The article did not quote her father as saying that his daughter did any wrong, which is an epic parent fail.

C’mon now, picking on Asian students, the peeps that are quiet and do not bother anyone. What the hell is that. If there was ever a time to be loud, calling home to check on your loved ones is that time. Surely a normal and kind human can forgive for that. Obviously Alexandra Wallace is not normal or kind.

…besides that, we all know that Asians sleep in the library.

* Welcome the the KKK

* Free speech not always appropriate speech

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