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Hat Tip Atheist Revolution, Funny Stuffs

Just saw this on @vjacks Atheist Revolution and I thought it was funny. Previously I wrote about the atheist/christian troll Tamtampamela and how, I think, she was attempting to be funny, sarcastic, whatever, but it was just offensive. It’s a fine line in comedy between offensive and “that sh*t wuz funny”. I have nothing but respect for comedians because (insert that cliche saying here).

Gilbert got fired from Aflack for trying to make a funny (I didn’t catch the comments) and Joan Rivers stood up for him. I recently saw her docc. (verrrrryyyy funny) and she says something like we should never have to defend comedy. Comedy is a coping mechanism; some peeps use it some don’t. I totally agree, but even I have my limits.

This one, this one is funny. Check it out.

* Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work


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