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To Troll Or Not To Troll

WTF. Nothing is right and sane…at least nothing that I can make sense out of. The fakey fake youtube troll going by Tamtampamela, has outraged many peeps by saying that Japan deserves what happened to them because they are godless, or rather they do not worship the correct God. Don’t trip it’s a hoax.

I just heard about her this morning because there was a twitter trend, something like God hates Japan or something to that extent. Anyways, I think she’s one of us, an atheist, and what she has been doing, for a year, is making sarcastic over the top videos on youtube to the god hates fags variety, god hates this god hates that. You get the picture. So basically, she is a troll.

C’mon now atheist blogosphere, we know how we hate our trolls, esp…DM. Dennis Markuze is the thorn in an atheist bloggers side and for that matter, on twitter. If you have not been DM’d, consider yourself lucky. He will spam your blog with epic long stuffs like, I will kill you, repent or die, there is only one God kind of stuff. Perhaps Tamtampamela was a response to that-I do not know. What I do know is that two wrongs do not make spamming the sh*t out of twitter and blogs right.

Well, it’s all for naught, now. TTP took her channel off the air. Sure, she did outrage many (the most peeps) with this last God hates Japan video, but that is not why she quit. she actually got tired of angry peeps sending pizza to her pad. You know when peeps get mad at you, then they find your public info., like phone number and address, then…and then, you get hella pizza sent to your place.

See ya Pam. I think logically and intellectually I can understand why you did it, but emotionally…not a very good idea. Enjoy the rest of your cold pizza.

* Must see!!! Godhatesjapan

* A Troll Comes Clean. The very good Atlantic Monthly.

* Three awesome skeptics all on the topic of DM. Must see for atheist bloggers.

* Note: If TTP was doing the videos to show the absurdity of Christians that really do say those things after natural disasters, I can understand that. I just don’t think it’s right. A troll is a troll is a troll. We don’t like it when we get trolled…Awesomeness.


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