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America’s Crusade in Iraq, 8 years Strong

Has it really been 8 years since Coalition Forces liberated the Iraqi people. Countless lives, on both sides, and the dollar spent. World economies are collapsed or collapsing and the current cost of war(s) is in the trillions. The business of killing takes precedent over the business of feeding and loving. What has happened to the world.

We were lied to. “They” said that we were going to liberate the Iraqi peeps not in months, but weeks. The truth is things are worse now. 100, 000’s of dead Iraqi’s, poweroutages, and a new corrupt government-that kills and tortures it’s own people-where is the positive change. Billions have funneled into the country for hospitals and clean water, but neither exist, at least consistently.

With their fathers and sons dead widows are prevalent. Women cannot receive an education, at least most, suicide is often the reasonable choice and if you do choose to live, guess what you have to do to make money. It makes me sick. Millions have left their homes to escape the war, but for what, for squalor, to eat dirt, to be ostracized to be humiliated; and the worst part, most can never return to the place they used to call home.

All of the above is known and has been known, but how about something new, at least to me.

“The US military dropped thousands of bombs across Iraq laced with depleted uranium, the radioactive waste produced from manufacturing nuclear fuel.”

So if you are lucky enough to survive a bombing, lucky enough to scratch a meager existence to survive like an animal, 10, 20, 30 years down the line you will die of cancer from radiation poisoning. This is a just war? President Bush prayed and received his answer from all all powerful God…to do this. There is no God and there is no justice.

The best way to support the troops is to bring them home safely. The best way to help Iraq and all other countries in the Middle East is to stop killing their people. Even if we bring home every soldier now, the PTSD and the domestic violence that we will have to deal with is something that this country will be crippled by for years to come. 100,000’s of our living wounded and a collapsed economy…I’m afraid to say it but…the terrorist have won. 

* Al Jazeera


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