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My Thoughts On Atheist Week

This is the beginning of Atheist Week. This is not about starting or finishing fights with religious peeps, it’s about being proud to be an atheist, it’s about wearing it on your sleeve, and if you so choose, how about coming out if you haven’t already.

Maybe you can do something nice, something that you would not usually do and when peeps ask, show and tell them that one can be good without Gawd. If you are not already sporting the Richard Dawkins Out Atheist Badge on your twitter or FB, then do it now, at least for this week. Hell, start a blog on WordPress or Blogger (that’s what I use). Then get on @mojoeys Atheist Bloggroll. What about that Twitter everyone is talking about. Start your atheist twitter persona. There are so many of us tweeting everyday, and…and you can follow my list of female-atheist-bloggers, or better yet, join it.

Times are a changing and we a re riding the wave of the New Atheist into a positive and secular future. We are on the correct side of history and 20, 30, 40, 50 years from now when there are documentaries about this time, you will be able to proudly say “I was part of that.”Just like in the 70’s with women’s rights, or civil rights, or GLBT rights the old timers now are so proud when they talk about the pioneering days, they have tears in their eyes. We are in the pioneering days, we are demanding a place at the political table, we are demanding that we sit in front of the bus…don’tcha want to be a part of that.

Also, is is a good week to get our gang sign going. Check it out.

* Friendly Atheist


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