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The Barracuda and Israel

Here’s a quick hitter before I go to work. Sarah “The Barracuda” Palin, recently, is on a trip to Israel. Sarah of the uber xtian type in the land of the Chosen people (really of the Palestine’s) and at first blush it seems like a WTF kind of thingy. Why would an American xtian politician go to such a place? It’s all about the end of times.

In order for the fakey fake prophecy of the xtians to come true, the Jewish peeps must secure their homeland (as their prophecy says). There is something in the manmade bible that states in order for zombie Jesus to come back, so he can rescue the small amount of elitist believers, the ones that chose correctly to worship the correct Gawd out of so many Gawds, the land of the chosen peeps (Jews) must be established.

This is why so many of the American Christian right, the Mike Huckabee’s and the Mitt Romney’s, the Newt’s are so enamored with the creation and the stability of a Jewish state and homeland. If their prophecy is to become true (whether it is self fullfilling or not) the Jewish homeland must be a fact. Ever wonder why there is so much support for the Jewish homeland and not the oppressed Palestinians-this is why.

Let’s go over this. A Jewish homeland is part of the Xtian prophecy. After that happens, then JC can come back to Earth, then he can take the small amount of believers that chose to practice that one correct faith (out of so many-Catholics, UR out), and then his dad can destroy the earth and everyone and everything on it.

It is so dangerous that many politicians believe in the End of Times. Several have said why bother with environmentalism, when Gawd will take care of everything. Why care about the oppressed Palestinians and that brand of middle east apartheid, when prophecy over rules common sense and decency. The United States sends hella dollars to Israel to bolster their defense. This is why.

I hope I have time to back this up later with those pesky facts that skeptics keep talking about. The God Who Wasn’t there goes over this a little bit and I’m sure there are many more resources. The world will end one day because we live next to the sun. But the world will end a lot sooner is the religious right gets their way. that in a nutshell is why the battle for secular society is so important.

I heart you guys, now let’s do this. More later.

* Barracuda

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