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Religion in the News Tuesday March 22, 2011

1966 Cover of Time Magazine.

Lot’s to cover today so let’s get right down to…Religion in the News (say and read that in your best Gawd voice.).  First up is the post that @mojoey blogged about a day or so ago. At Deep Thoughts “J” is accepting guest bloggers/posts that deal with positive religious news. Afterall, reporting on religion is heartbreaking. The crimes that they commit are worse because they are supposed to be trusted and (nonexistent) heaven forbid morally superior.

Religious orgs in Japan are stepping up to the plate and helping the peeps. Sure Japan is Buddhist, but little did I know, there are also Mormons, Christians and even Scientologists. My old lay organization, Soka Gakka, has turned it’s facilities into a shelter for the displaced and is using their well organized lay organization to distribute food. Who cares that they are very cult like (me, I said that), they are helping peeps, as well as the other religions.

God isn’t dead as the 1966 Time magazines cover story states, he’s just “on life support.” A study conducted in 9 nations suggest that religion is on the decline and that, guess who, Team-A is on the rise. Weirdo thingy is that they equate the changing numbers to that good ‘ol hunter gatherer group support thingy. The study hypothesizes that when groups become bigger, they are more attractive to new members because they can support. I/you/us think it’s because the more we educate ourselves and the public and question religion, the rational and evolved human brain takes over and concludes…their is nothing supernatural. Awesome anyways.

The Holi Festival in India looks awesome. It is a celebration of the coming of spring which is probably how all religions started. Check out the colorful and awesome photos.

I totally predicted this one coming (therefore I’m Gawd, right). Franklin Graham said of the recent Japan disasters that it could signal the coming of the end. Well, key word here is could. The loop hole for end of timers is that after their failed prediction of the end of the world, they can just say “We didn’t mean the destruction of the world, we just meant the beginning of the end of the world. It’s only starting.” Watch, when May 21 passes, that is what they will say.

Holi Fest

A Rev. Dan Dahlberg, Superior Diocese Vicar, apparently stole hella money from his church. In fact $10,800. Dude was suspended and this reminds me of the very great George Carlin. Why does God always need money.

UK Cleric, Usana Hassan, in the 90’s was all jihad-y-n-stuffs, but mellowed thru the decades. He is less extreme now and even supports evolution, but to the death threatening dismay of his homies. What specifically did he do…he questioned whether Adam was made of clay. He calls Islams interpretation of the origin of life a “children’s madrassa-level understanding” of the origins of man.” Wow, that is some sh*t talking, bro.

As I wrote yesterday, The Barracuda went on a trip to Israel. On the surface she needs to bolster her international policy credentials if she is to run for office (le sigh). But hold the train for a sec….she is also a card carrying member of the end of times lunacy that some xtians believe. In order for their particular Jesus to come back (and that is a different Jesus than JW’s, Catholics etc…) the nation of Israel must be established in conjunction with natural disasters, errr, I mean signs of the Apocalypse.Good luck with that end of times thingy.

God doesn’t want you to be fat, that is why he invented, errrr, no, I mean inspired humans here on earth to create…pole dancing for Jesus. Just watch the video.

Muslim beauty queen gets all death threat-ed because…she is Muslim.

Lastly, the Watergate hero and ex jailbird, Charles Colson wants to “replicate his spiritual DNA.” There are no heirs to the huge and powerful Grahams, Falwells, Robertson’s, Dobson’s etc…and if Christianity is to survive and thrive in the future (esp. when Team A is growing) they need to do something. So why not charge $4,000 to attend seminars and learn how to be like dude…or something like that.

So not awesome, that is Religion in the News for, hopefully a sunny Tuesday (I need it so bad) March 22, 2011.


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