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Operation Lead Again

About an hour ago a bomb went off at a bus station in Jerusalem . It is too early to know who did such a horrible thing, but the usual suspects are expected. This past week the world has turned to Libya and the neighboring revolutions (yah!), and the potential scenario in Japan, but in the meantime there has been “rising tension” in  the Israel and Palestine.

This past week the action has been going back and forth and some peeps say the current situation is similar to what happened leading up to Operation Cast Lead. With all the happenings in the world, natural disasters, hella wars and the world economies, the eye has been taken off the ball in Israel.

A couple of months ago I presented the philosophical question Would You Kill the Fat Man. What I’m wondering now is, when do you stop killing. Who will be the first to “turn the other cheek”; or is it even possible at this point, possible for a government to do that. I guess that is why there are revolutions.

I’m really burnt out on all the killing and war. It doesn’t matter what side of the Israel/Palestine debate you are on. When will the madness stop?

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