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Why Do you Sit There So Long

I get up at 5:30am everyday. If I wanted to sleep in I couldn’t. I just wake up at 5:30-ish everyday, totally awake. So I take my shower, then head to the cafe and start reading. I’m often asked, “What are you doing?” when I sit and chill here. Well, a lot of thingies…mostly just reading (then blogging). OK, what do I read? Here’s a random sample of my reader, like, right now dude.

Rationally Speaking is a brainiac philosophy blog. Super heavy duty stuffs.

Dispatches From The Culture Wars is a great prog-lib blog and “E” always includes stuffs about religion, like today’s The Anti Christ is Coming, Look Busy.

The Friendly Atheist was one of the first places I went to when I went all Out Atheist-n-stuff. It’s a great one stop shop for everything atheist, news, funny stuff and the occasional delicious baby pic. This one is about Glenn Beck.

Day in day out “J” at Debunking Christianity totally kills it so hard. Total brain and he debunks Christianity from the inside out, fighting fire with fire-which of the many ways to debunk Christianity, I think it’s the best way. “J” directly challenges Christian philosophers and their straw men. Warning, bring your ‘A’ game.

Have I ever mentioned @vjack at Atheist Revolution, that’s a joke. Today’s post is about what is common in the recent natural disasters...the peeps that believe God did it. Check it out.

Since the arrival of the New Atheist the conversation, at least part of it, has been about all the bad thingies that religion is responsible for. It is hard to imagine that it is still a taboo subject (too criticize religion), but that is not going to stop @mojoey at Deep Thoughts from chronicling clergy sexual abuse…everyday (and sadly there is a new case, every single day).

So that is what I do in the morning. Well, I also read, like 7-8-9-10 newspapers and magazines in the morning also. Why? Because religion is in the news everyday and it’s not a positive thing. To me religion is the most important topic that the world has to deal with. Under the topic of religion is politics, wars, feminism, GLBT, abortion etc…

Religion should not get a free pass anymore. They want to criticize evolution and inject creationism into the science classroom, but then poo poo us when we call them on that, No More! @vjack calls it Christian Privilege, their free pass from criticism, and that is why the New Atheists are so important…’cause we’re a-gonna call b*llsh*t on that.

That is what I do when I sit here.


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