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God Hates Liz Taylor

OK, we should have expected this…Westboro Baptist Church (God Hates Fags) is a-gonna picket the funeral of Liz Taylor. Jean Dixon could have predicted that, or any ass-trologer-even tho they are fakey fake. I googled WBC to see if their site was back up, but I didn’t see it. A couple of weeks ago during a live interview with WBC and Anonymous, the later ‘went bye bye‘ to all their websites while on the air.

What I did find was Eastboro Baptist Church. Their motto is quite clever…”God hates everyone except us.” Kinda catchy, don’t-cha think(?). Check out their ‘purpose‘ page to see what is really happening. I think it’s a something something like Godhatesjapan. Check ’em both out.

RIP Liz.


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