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The Coma Kid

Here’s a good story, and (nonexistent)Lawd, I need this. Alan Wright, the coma kid and prayer app creator, woke up and is not coma’d right now. I know, I know. He’s one of them and we are on Team A. So what. the kid was hit and run’d last week, the police are still looking for suspects, he was coma’d all week and as I said last week when I first wrote about dude, his family and friends were (probably) crushed. This is a life we are talking about, a young life…a young life with his whole future ahead of him. So he woke up.

So far he can only stick out his tongue to answer questions. I don’t know if he is sticking his tongue out anyways, or if he is alert enuff to really answer questions. I’m skeptical, but who cares, the dude is better. Last week doctors said he had a 30-40% chance of recovering. This is a step in the right direction.

The father asked peeps to use his app and/or pray for his son. I’m sure believers will chalk this one up to prayer success, skeptics no, but once again, who cares. I’m just glad the kid has a chance. Last week I didn’t really have hope. When accidents like this occur there are so many things that, well…you know. Muscle atrophy or brain damage would be my main concerns.

So the kid did something that he thought was cool, but Team Atheist and Team Skeptic deff. not. I don’t know what kind of Christian he is, if he is an End of Times one, anti-feminist you are all going to hell one, or a liberal believer that has the same social goals as us and believes in a symbolic JC…I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m just glad that there is hope now.

I hope dude recovers and gets to live a full life. Who knows he might grow up to be a redneck, elitists, Christian jerk, or maybe a really nice guy. Who knows…maybe he’ll become an atheist; at least now, he has a chance.
The doctor said this…

“Asked whether Allen Wright’s awakening may have been aided by the many prayers on his behalf, the neurosurgeon said he wasn’t sure if prayer helped in such cases.”

“Sometimes I think it does. Sometimes I think it doesn’t,” he said. “I don’t actively encourage it. But in my opinion, it never hurts to pray (Sac Bee).”


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