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A Thought On That Walmart Case

First of all, this is an attempt to blog while only having a sip of my first coffee (wish me luck, hope it makes sense). Second, I hope this makes sense. Third, I’m a feminist and fourth, if it doesn’t makes sense, I’ll blame the president; afterall, it seems that he is responsible for everything (at least that is what his critics say).

So anyways…I’m a feminist. I want women to have equal rights and to be treated equal and dagnabit why not pay women the same rate as men. It doesn’t make sense to me. You do the same job, and I ass-u-me, you do the same job at that job (quality), and when promotion time comes up, yes, why not give equal amounts of promotions to women as men. No brainer, right.

The Walmart class action suit, sexism thingy is going to court and six women are alleging that Walmart systematically was sexist in not giving promotions. It is my very little understanding that the diff. between a regular lawsuit and a class action lawsuit is basically, singular v. hella peeps. Individually each woman could have taken Walmart to court (the specific Walmart that they worked at), but they decided to team up and sue Walmart-the entire Walmart, not just one store. Git it. Good.

Ok going for second coffee…Super funny thingy, this reminds me of when the creationist teacher sued over tenure (it was related to that horrible creationist movie that came out a couple years ago, of course I can’t remember what it’s called, tho). What the skeptics brought up was that that professor didn’t get tenure, not because of his/her silly belief that the earth is 6,000-10,000 y/o, but because not everyone gets tenure; not everyone gets a promotion. More often than not, a college professor will not get tenure. Statistically, isn’t the number small (I think so, half way thro with second coffee). I think so.

OK, back to sexist Walmart, and I don’t deny that they were sexist, so hear me out. These six women are alleging that they were passed up for promotion because they are women (there are other factors, of course). So Walmart has tens of thousands of workers, right, but they only have “x” amount of promotions. In fact, upper management, management, and promotions in general are really finite. Naturally there will be hella workers and a very small amount of promotions, esp. upper management promotions. Am I making sense (sh*t).

The ladies have a tall task ahead of them. It seems that it would have been easier to sue individually. Because it is a class action suit, they have to prove that this is a nation wide, whole corporation thingy that happens all the time. I think the numbers are against them. Maybe they didn’t get the promotions because there are hella applicants to a very small number of spots (most peeps didn’t get a promotion-right). I’ll be the first to admit that I need to bone up on this. I’ve only read one article, but this is the first thing that came to my mind-the numbers.

OK, I tried…more coffee.

* Class action, it’s not a teeny bopper movie.

* For the record, I’m on the ladies side. The glass ceiling certainly does still exist. That is why there is still a need to be feminist.

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