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The Man, The Hair, The Good Book

Just like pet rocks and Java Jackets, and now the bible 2.0,…I thought of that years ago. Unfortunately for me, AC “Awesome Hair” Grayling beat me to it. The Good Book: A Humanist Bible, by AC Grayling is just what it advertises (and dagnabit, myself and everyone else has thought about writing an atheist bible), an atheist bible for, like, right now. Maybe if I save my nuts I’ll be able to buy a paperback years from now (le sigh).

What, ya don’t know AC, one of the most awesome philosophers of right now. Awh, ya gots to check this dude out. Not only does he have fantastic hair, because he does, he is what the kids nowadays call the sh*t. Deff. check out Five Minutes w/AC (above) and deff. check out him in (one of the ) Intelligence Squared Debate title Would We Be Better Without Religion. In this one AC and the boys, the boys in this one none other than Christopher “Our Hero” Hitchens and the man, Richard “Papa Bear” Dawkins, whomp all over these poor souls.

There are so many ways to debunk religion and philosophy is one of them. If you fancy…you can use ancient history (Richard Carrier), or evolutionary science (R.Dawkins) or, you can check out philosophy and the Gray-Man. Awesome.

* The mandatory Huff Po article that I always link to.

* Amazon…The Good Book.


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