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Looksie Who’s Comin’ To Town

Recently, I have been informed that Sac City Freethinker’s, through that group Secular Student Alliance (ever hear of ’em, ya should have), is bringing none other than Greta Christina to our humble local college. If you don’t check out “G’s” blog…you are a loser. She is an epic writer (check out her article in AlterNet about that wager thingy) and a much needed female voice in the male dominated arena’s of everything atheist and skeptic. Last year, Sac City Freethinkers brought in PZ on his epic If It’s (a certain day), Then It Must Be ( a certain place ) Tour to a packed house. I expect the same for Greta.

We on Team Atheist and Team Skeptic are the under dogs in the battle for a secular public square, GLBT rights, feminism and everything atheist/skeptic. What we do have is reason, critical thinking skills, science and each other. Where we are small in numbers, in comparison to the rest of the country and the world, we have those pesky facts that atheists and skeptics keep bringing up (I also believe, we are on the correct side of history) and, one more time but with feeling, we have each other.

It is together that we can do this. The New Atheists can learn from the efforts of the GLBT community and feminism. They have made great progress through the decades (with more progress still to make) and, I believe, an unorganized bunch-like The New Atheist-can deff. learn very important lessons in organization and community and activism. We can have common opponent in biblical literalism, and together, working as a team, we can make great strides in world peace and equal rights.

If you live in super sunny Sac-Town, or in a neighboring city, come on down to our humble college on April 26th and check out Greta. Remember…divided we fall, but together…we’re gonna kick some arse. See ya there.


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