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Quote of The Day, Lawrence Krauss

Well, I guess one of our hero’s has lost, again, to William “The Atheist Slayer” Lane Craig. Surprising and not surprising at the same time. Over at PZ’s blog, the real one-not the April Fools one-he does a good write up and Krauss himself gives us his thoughts; that is where I got this.

“Is it more likely that all known physical laws were suspended so God could demonstrate divinity–and moreover demonstrate this in a hackneyed way that recreated previous resurrection myths, down to the number of days before being raised from the dead, of several previous, and now long-gone religious cults–or is it more likely that those who were preaching to convert fabricated a resurrection myth in order to convince those to whom they were preaching of Christ’s divinity?”

That pretty much says it all. Do you believe that or not. It’s really kinda simple.

Debating is a game, a good game, a fun game, but it is a game.  Debating has it’s purpose and I totally enjoy checking them out, but facts, reason, cutting with oscam’s razor, evidence or lack of, etc…trumps over superstition. So we don’t know everything about everything and do not (yet) have the ability to explain everything and anything-so what. That does not mean one can or should insert their particular belief into the gaps.

…still, I wouldn’t mind seeing Team A win a couple a few of these.

* The debate on youtube. I haven’t seen it yet.

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