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Sarkozy, Secularism and Islamophobia

As of lates, I’ve been getting up hella early and watching Al Jazeera (with their fine ass ladies, err, reporters) with my morning coffee. I was soooo pumped up when the story of France and the destruction of secularization came on; but it wasn’t what I thought it was a gonna be.

(I guess) there is going to be this epic debate about what the French peeps hold really sacred in their society…a secular public square. It’s built into their constitution and dagnabit, you can’t take it from the French people without a fight. Well, it’s only a ploy. All the reports that I have seen and read indicate that it is just President Sarkozy doing that crazy politics thang, and that a secular France is not at all in danger.

Next year is the election year in France and dude (Sarkozy) is getting pressure from the right, specifically far far, very far right leader Marie “Blond doesn’t look good on you” Le Pen. Last December she came out with the epic blast that they are spilling onto the streets, with their over crowded mosques on Fridays and “occupy public space”. She very foolishly said that when that happens, it is similar to “Nazi occupation.” Really. WTF.

From way over here, in sunny Sacramento, Ca, it seems that Le Pen party (The National Front) is going for the teabagger, Islamophobia, immigration, us v. them route. It’s quite elitist Christian-y if you ask me and the similarities are so striking, a Nor-Cal stoner can see it sooo clearly. France has the biggest Muslim population in the union (5 million), but get this, they also have a totally huge Jewish population. Even though there have been no conflicts between the two groups, or combo of, that doesn’t mean the real French (read white and not Muslim) can’t spread fear of losing cultural identity, their courts are being taken over by Sharia Law (even though they are not) and that the government is footing the bill for all this health care that illegal immigrants, errr, Muslims, are using during hard economic times. Wait, hello…ok, cool, that was Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, they want their campaign slogans back. See what I mean.

So the upcoming debate is a sham. A secular France is not in danger, even the average dude or French hottie on the street (btw, Hellloooo, my name is Kriss) can admit to that. What is really happening is Sarkozy, a president-who from afar-looks to be doing a good job, is getting ready to kick some right wing arse next year. Our very own president, The One (and I still believe in you, bro, err, President Bro), has announced his intentions to run again in 2012. What is similar in the two countries is Islamophobia that is being feed by the bad economy and the immigration debate and the fear mongers.

Believe it or not, my fantasy girlfriend, Ann Coulter is wrong. Not all Muslims are terrorist. I don’t care what my skinny cutie pie says. It would be like saying that all Christians are weirdo’s like Qu’ran burner Pastor Terry Jones, or that all Christians belong to homegrown Christian militias like Repent Amarillo-it doesn’t work like that. Apparently what does work, at least in elections, is fear.

We are running out of money, our culture is in danger of being lost (to them), they are infiltrating every sector of society-so beware. Me, you can quote me on this…”beware, B-schmare.” Don’t believe the hype. That is, the hype in France and the hype here in the states.

It will be interesting to check back next week and see the results of the debate (I do believe that it is next week). France is a great example of a secular public square and active peeps that participate in the democratic process. I’ll dare say, if we here in the states were not so blind sided by fear…we might be able to learn from our French friends.

* Believe it or not, I’m linking to The Christian Science Monitor.

* I see nothing at all wrong with being well informed and checking out hotties at the same time. Thanks so much Al Jazeera, really.


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