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Beer and Water. That Is All.

Stories like this just show me how much we are the same; theist nontheist that is. Dude, J. Wilson (right), even without meeting him, is my bro; specifically, my beer bro. Bro-dude Wilson is a pastor at a nondenominational church and for Lent, which is right now, he is giving up solid food and, get this, only consuming water and beer. Maybe there is a heaven.

Because dude is all christian-y and he really wanted an awesome Lent, he decided to do what monks back in the day did, which was only pound hella beers everyday during Lent. Check out his delicious selection. My lucky xtian beer-bro drinks what is called Illuminator Doppelbock for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a pretty substantial 6.7%, which if you ask me, is quite heavenly. If you don’t know what ‘bock’ is, just know that it means awesome. OK, this is where my atheist kindness ends. Let’s get down to it.

Let’s see, who was it that said something to the extent…(in his quaint English accent)…show me something that a believer can do, that a nonbeliever cannot…was it Christopher “Our Hero” Hitchens. If you watch his super epic debates (not like the Krauss v Craig debate, I mean awesome) you will also know what he thinks of nondenominational believers, aka cafeteria Christians (his words not mine).

I was, for 17 years, a good, devout,  God fearing, practicing Catholic. When I went all Lent-y, I did it knowing that God was watching. I didn’t cheat (because I was scared he would catch me) and, really, I was into it. I think it’s OK to make sacrifices, or acknowledge and curb your appetites once in a while. Those crazy Moo-slims (Pastor Terry Jone’s pronunciation) do it during Ramadomalongdingdong, as well as all God fearing cafeteria xtians. But to say that only the devout can make sacrifices, to say that only believers can curb their appetites, is just totally wrong. The difference is that one group does it for a celestial dictator (Hitch) and the other group does it for earthly reasons (diet, health, speedo season).

Howz ’bout s’more Hitch. He pretty much doesn’t like the cafeteria believers. I really think that he has more respect for a traditional religion (Catholic, Jewish, etc) than any of the new fangeled, made up, pick and choose religions. He says, of the new religions, that it is like going down the line in a cafeteria, and you can pick and choose what it is that you like from the smorgasbord of beliefs. It really is cherry picking at it’s worst, or finest. I agree. To pick only the good parts of a religion and totally deny the bad parts and not even acknowledge that there are bad parts, well, it is rather childish-dontcha think.

You know what is not childish…drinking hella beer. Like I always say, if we can agree to disagree, then that is all anyone can ask. The God question (existence) will never be solved. The militant atheist will never wipe religion off the face of the earth and religion, hello it’s me Kriss, very soon you will be on the shelf right next to Greek mythology, fairy tales and folklore. Until then, let’s agree to disagree…and have a beer.

Soooooo awesome.

* Beer bro xtian dude has a blog. Of course, right.

* Article CNN

* 20 bible passages to use against fundies. Number five is the most delicious, and cute.


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