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Dammmmmmm China

You know that old Cheech and Chong joke that goes, “Mannnnn,” and the way you say the word ‘man’ can  mean a variety of things: man-short and questioning, man-perky and happy to see you, or mannnnn, you f*cked up.” Hey China, it’s me Kriss, “Mannnnn.”

“The United States and the United Nations have expressed serious concerns in the past week at a growing crackdown across China in which artists, lawyers, writers, activists and intellectuals have been detained (Al Jazeera).” I think the rest of the world is also watching and worrying.

It’s round up them crazy xtians in China right now. Why. It’s crack down time, which is really weird, you know, because that is a bad and stupid thing-the cracking down.

“The Beijing authorities have again demonstrated their total disregard of their citizens’ constitutionally guaranteed fundamental right to religious freedom,” China Aid founder and president Bob Fu said in the statement.”

What the Chinese Christians were doing was praying on the street (I assume in front of their church(?) yes, no, I don’t know), unregistered (whatever that is), then the po po rounded up “dozens” while some peeps are under house arrest. Aprox 200 are detained in a local school.

Those old school Chinese Communist Government employees (and when I say old school, I mean human rights abuses) are all communist-y which mean controlling. Only state approved churches are allowed to happen. Of the registered schools there are 20 mill. practitioners, but for the unregistered churches, there are 60 mill..

Last week internationally known and super awesome human rights activist and artist, Ai Weiwei was detained as he tried to board a plane. Weiwei, as far as I know right now, has not been seen or heard from since. His associates and wife were questioned and released and hella stuff from his studio was confiscated.

Obviously the Chinese government is up to something-cracking down. They have been pretty chill the last couple of years, with the Olympics and all happening there, and even I was into their national pride (I recall watching the games and thinking “yea, that is cool, they all love their country-faults and all). But look at them now, what are they trying to do…catch up; catch up on all those human rights abuses that they missed out on during the Olympics.

In the good ‘ol theist v nontheist debate(s) Hitler, the Crusades, Pol Pot, the Inquisition etc…are always brought up as examples of “atheists did this…” or “Christians did this…” The Chinese Communist government is atheist. So I guess atheists are losers in the race to be awesome at human rights (that is not abusing them). Right. Wrong….wrong.

The difference is the intent and the declaration. Hitler didn’t say, “In the name of atheism, I’m a gonna (he did say ‘gonna’) f*ck sh*t up.” He did it because he is a crazy person, and a bad person at that. On the other hand, let’s say The Crusades…that was in the name of God. How about the current war(s)? Bush Jr. straight up said it is a crusade. Generals and other military brass have used the word ‘crusade’. While the crack down in China is super bad, it really is, it certainly is not done in the name of atheism.

Outspoken lawyers, artist and activist have been rustled up the past few weeks. If it hasn’t already happened, I bet theyz are a gonna git them some…bloggers next, but not in the name of atheism.


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