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Religion in the News and Babies Puking

This is how I felt yesterday, all baby pukey -n-stuff, except I have way more than hair these delicious morsels. So I didn’t do the godless blogging thang yesterday, the post that I did put up doesn’t count because it was crappy, and that is why I’m going to give it a better effort today with my rock solid preformer…RELIGION IN THE NEWS (say that in your best gawd like voice) for April 13, 2011. Ok, let’s get down to it like a drunk priest on a boyscout sleep over.

If this is not a scam, then I don’t know what a scam is. Dude claims to have found the actual nails that Jesus used, err, that the authorities used on him. I gues he didn’t use them, he was more a recipient of them. Anyways, this guy found the nails after all these years, he was the only dude out of thousands that found the actual nails. As always it was found some time ago and stored away because no one knew what it was, but by chance, and I guess diligence, dude found the super gross nails that hung JC on the cross. Sounds like the Jame ossary box hoax to me. I guess we’ll wait and see what come up.

Honest Able “I freed the slaves for political reasons” Lincoln wrote some letters to his homie and they are now being published. Lincoln, who’s father invented Lincoln Logs the toy that everyone has played with*,was referrd to as a “theist and a rationalist who doubted the immortality of the soul.”

“…a Rationalist, denying all extraordinary -– supernatural inspiration or revelation,” William H. Herndon wrote in a letter dated February 11, 1866, to Edward McPherson, clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives about DJ Abe, the Slave Freer. Check out the article, good stuffs Maynard.

This is pretty epic stuff, but hell if i know what it means. The Civil War as a Theological crisis. Why don’t you guys read it and tell me what it’s about. Sounds pretty, as the French say, interesting.

Oh, here’s a vid. about the nails that nails Jesus to the cross. Really, biblical archaeology is dead. That has not been any legitimate finding to support biblical prophecy, or even something simple, like towns (claimed) to be in the bible. WTF.

Hey remember that girl surfer that got her arm ate-d off by a shark, then, heroically, she got back on the ‘hores’, the horse being her surf board. Well, the is a movie out now called Soul Surfer which is about her story…and you know what, God is in it. Come on now angry atheist, this is a good feel good story. Are you so mean that you can’t acknowledge something good when you hear it. I’m not, good for her (but if she grows up to hate gays, become anti abortion and believes that Christianity should be spread all over the Middle East, then I’ll change my mind.

The promoters of hate, the ones that want to divide this great country, the ones that are actively bringing the end of times, the elitist that claim only their god is true and only the very select few will go to heaven…they want you to hate Islam. They want you to believe that all Muslims are terrorist (and they also want your money and votes.). Well, there is a remedy for that. Supporting nonviolence in Islam.

“Endorsing their support for an anti-war rally on April 9, 100 imams and Muslim leaders in the United States recently issued a statement “calling for an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, condemning terrorism and thanking American individuals and groups who are standing with the Muslim community against Islamophobia.” A statement that walks the fine line, it may be tough to hear when our discourse about Islam and Muslims is growing shrill and polarized. Yet, for the very reasons that it is hard to hear, the imams’ message merits our attention (Huff Po).

It really puts to shame all the politicians and the media that spread hate and divisiveness amongst the peeps. This is a good example of religion doing good, this is something where even atheist, and our (self proclaimed) intellectual superiority can learn from. bully for them.

Well that is a sampling of Religion in the News for April 13, 2011. There is so much more out there-religious news that is. Religion is the most important umbrella topic there is out there. The New Atheist have brought the debate to the table, we have changed the rules and dagnabit we are not a trend, we are history in the making. Come join us…and be awesome.

* It has just come to my attention that it is Wednesday. Ok then. And Papa Lincoln didn’t create Lincoln Logs…did he?

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