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The Times Are A Changin, And That Is a Good Thing

Millineals,, Gen Next or Echo Boomers what ever you wan to call them, they are helping to change the face of the traditional family. Gone are the days of a father, and mother 2,3 kids, a dog, an outdoor cat, a hamster and a salt water fist tank. The millineals are redefining what family is by dissing traditional marriage; and I think that is a good thing.

 A picture says a thousand words, but a good graph says hella. I don’t need to comment, because it’s so obvious.

I think we can thank the feminist revolution and the GLBT struggle of the 70’s. Everything but the bible and religion evolve. Things change with the times, language, science,the climate, you personal philosophy, everything…including family. I was raised Catholic and always believed that I would be married and have children and be awesome. The way it’s looking now, is that when I’m financially OK, I’ll try and adopt and be a single awesome dad. hopefully by that time, things will have change enuff so that will be OK. Looks like that ball is already rolling to me. Awesomenss.

* PS, I wan half white and half Filipino babies-that genetic diversity, makes ya stronger, yo.


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