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The Bad ‘Ol Father Daughter Sex

“Hello, yea that’s cool. I’ll tell him you called. Hey Terrill Dalton, that was imprisoned LDS leader Warren Jeffs. He said you stole his M.O..’ And it appears that Dalton is all copy catty because, well…

Where have we seen this horrible, super yucky formula before: you grow up in a religion, the church strays from “truthiness”-in other words becomes corrupt, you are visited by an angel or something else made up and not measurable or testable, this being tells you that you are the chosen one-the holder of the truth and the only one, you go on  a fast where you have visions (because you are not eating, but you think it is divine). Gee, where have we heard this before. I’ll give you one hint….it’s the LDS.

Joseph “I wanted to cheat on my wife, and when she didn’t go for that, I divorced her” Smith the inventor of that crazy Mormon religion, lived this particular formula and even in modern times, Warren “celestial marriage is really having sex with teenagers-and I’m currently in prison still trying to be a controlling leader” Jeffs also. what makes Terrill Dalton a little different and way more creepy is that he got visited by Christ himself, was told that he is the holy spirit and that he is his dad-that is, he is Jesus’ dad. This is all important because of the following.

Dalton’ small tiny insignificant church, Church of the First Born and General Assembly, is super similar to warren Jeffs splinter cell of LDS in the way that it’s being run by a leader that is currently in jail (is that a Mormon thang, or what). Dalton is facing charges that he put his god rod in his daughter’s taco pocket. Cynthia Dalton, in 2005, claims that her father said, “The Lord say, me and you need to have sex.” My initial response is, why can’t the Lord be grammatically correct and more romantic, sheez. My second response, yucky. What makes this situation worse is that the father holy spirit said the lord, who is his son, said that they have to do it three times. Numerology? Really?

If you are not totally grossed out yet, there is more (there is always more, unfortunately). Not only was the daughter seeking answers for the great religious questions that we all think about,then she got raped by her dad,  but so was the sister. Guess what happened. Dalton’s sister was slightly depressed and actively seeking answers to spiritual questions, but what she got was some bad ‘ol brother sister sex. Super yucky. I can’t even imagine that shit.

Do you want more or are you horrified enuff yet. OK then. Dalton, under divine command, also pimped out his daughter to a dude named Geody Harman. So the poor daughter that grew up in this cult within a cult had the very yucky dad sex and the equally as bad sex with your dads adult friend sex. What the f*ck is wrong with these people.

Without knowing anymore about this case I’ll dare say that the women are uneducated, no job skills and they have been kept women or kept women in training. If there was an all powerful, all knowing and all mighty God, then why would he command his peeps to do this. Did these women even ask that question and did they even have the capacity to ponder a question like that. Still, I don’t want to victimize them twice, they have been thru enuff already.

This is why skepticism is so important. The religious formula of visitations and such is the same formula as Near Death Experiences (I know, I’ve had one). The reason why all NDE’s are totally the same, not similar, but exactly the same is that we were indoctrinated, we were taught to believe that it happens like that (the light, floating to the door etc…). Look at the three weirdo leaders of LDS. They were visited, no one can confirm the visit, directions were given, the chosen one status is revealed, and these freeky angels are always talking about sex, Sex sex sex. It is sad on so many levels.

Here’s a good hub page if you want to creep yourself out some more. I think I’m done for the day. Out.

* Holy Ghost article.

* OK, I just proof read this. the last paragraph is supposed to say that they follow formulas, not that the formulas are the same. Git it. good.


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