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This Will Be On Your Permanent Record

I don’t doubt that there are many peeps, no most peeps, that derive good and are good because of religion (which is sort of scary). What the super awesome New Atheist bring to the table, amongst the other million gazillion other things, is the critical honesty and the plain straight up fact that religious people do bad things and that often times it is a direct result of said religion. If religion is so strong then it should stand up to a little scrutiny, a little reflection, some well deserved criticism…right.  So Dear Peep that wants to ‘report me’ this is for you. Religion has gotten free past all these hella centuries and it is time to stop. Period. Stop that sh*t. Like this leader in faith…

“Roger Vangheluwe resigned as Bishop of Bruges last year after confessing to having sex with his under age nephew, but was not prosecuted as the crimes had taken place several years previously before the statute of limitations (Tele).”

OK, that is one, but later in an interview no less he admits to molesting a different nephew. Read the article and shake your head WTF when you hear his reasoning (it doesn’t make any sense). Dude is part of the explosion in abuse cases reported last year in Belgium and is adamant that he is not all ‘kideo-feely’.

The point I want to make is not so much about Uncle No Don’t Do That, it’s about religion in general and the news that is generates. ‘It’ generates a lot of really bad bad news. If there were an all powerful and all mighty surveillance camera in the sky that even cared (not a first cause God, but one that intervenes), then dude is certainly not moral, and certainly not absolutely good-just look at all the suffering generated by religion, specifically religion. If religion is a force of good, then why are so many believers not good (because it’s fakey fake and man made and made up).

This is what we do here in the Atheist Blogosphere, all of us, we report on the ugliness that is the result of religion because religion has had a free pass for, well, forever. That is why the New Atheist are so important, that is why the Atheist Blogosphere is so important. Dear whoever it is that said that they are going to report me to Blogger, go ahead, but why…because I don’t believe what you believe. I believe that you have freedom of speech and even though you don’t agree with me, I still believe that you have the right to say whatever. In fact, I have defended religious free speech several times, most recently about the Chinese Christians that have been detained in China. So WTF.

Why is the Atheist more fair, moral, and way way way way way sexierr* than tho; because atheism is moral and because the New Atheist are on the correct side of history. Now tell your religious peeps to stop being in the news, then we’ll stop reporting on it or… STFU.

* Sexy-a nonphysical state of mind that is very “Charlie Sheen-y” in the way that it is misunderstood and incomprehensible to the uninitiated.

* Thanks to @weesue for the H/T on Uncle Scum Bag.

* Bonus awesomeness for today. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get back to this later (not felling ‘it’ right now) but I though this was so funny. From Atheist Revolution.


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