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Dad, please tell this man to leave.

 Whoa, I almost forgot…This is the time of the year when my wonderful people, to thank God and Jesus, nail themselves to crosses. I wrote about The Filipino Style Good Friday Party (My People Are Hella Weird) last year so check it out, ya know, for the info. I’m not going all info-y on this post, ’cause a picture (with myyyyyy captions) will say 1,000 plus one words.

Don’t forget the flagellaters.

 Dam, I just looked for the post where I talk about how I wanted to be Jesus, in like first or second grade of Catholic school, and we were going to do the reenactment of JC walking through the town, carrying the cross, getting whipped, the vinegar sponge (right?), dude helps him carry it-then gets jacked, and his hat made of roses. I wanted to do that, but Rudolpho got picked*.

The article says that the nails are sterilized.

 My peeps are not total savages though. There are safety protocol and medical staff on hand, because you wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt, ya know, while they are walking barefoot with this huge arse dead tree on your back, and…the nailing. Ugh, the nailing.

This dude has done it several times.

 Some of the peeps interviewed said that they are giving this extreme thanks to the Philippines’ez most favorite Gawd (Islam is second) because…get ready for this, in fact sit down…because of what myyyyy people call random-not meaningful-cowinkidinki. Stuffs like my wife was healed or I didn’t die when I could have died. Wait, I have a call. “Hello skepticism, it’s me Kriss. Yea, yea. (Pause) Oooooh, yea, that was the sh*t, bro. Anyways, can ya stop by the Philippines. (Pause). Yea, awesome then. Lates.”**

Is that a cheap knockoff Raiders jersey?

 The picture article said that many participants pray during their thanking Gawd and all. Really.

Kinda looks like an epic rock album cover from the 70’s.

Check out the rest of the pics here. I don’t know what to say (that information wise, I didn’t say last year). A typical WTF is too subtle. Could it be that the bizarre actions of my peeps, and we have been doing this for decades, is…is, mmmm…really, I’m at a loss for words (except all the previous ones and the few remaining).

* I was also jealous of Rudolpho because the girl that I thought was cute, sh*t I forgot her name, was all up in R’s sh*t. Terressa, that is her name. anyways…she was Irish Catholic, freckles, sort of red hair and that pointy nose you white peeps have. So he got the girl and got to be Jesus. I bet Terressa is totally hot now, in 2011 and “R” is overweight with many health problems. That is what i believe and I’m sticking to that.

** that was an awful long way to tell a joke, but instead of quitting-because no one likes a quitter-I just dug myself into a deeper and unfunny hole. That is how I rolled on that one. Scoreboard 1. my people are hella weird, 2. Rudolpho married Terressa and she is still hot and they have kids, the kids that are supposed to be my kids, and 3. I told a crappy joke and I’m still, right now with these words, trying to be funny. Ask me what i call that joke?           Aristocrats.

OK, now I’ll quit.


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