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The Bible Addresses…Taxes(?).

I can’t believe that I missed this a month ago, but…This is made of atheist awesomeness, which means you will shake your head and say WTF over and over. Let’s get right down to it. The bible is anti tax and Jesus is against the minimum wage. OK, I’m done, c y’all later. More, OK. I may have mentioned David Barton here and here.Dave, if I can call you that, is part of a polarizing group called Wallbuilders. Wow, no secret there. Frackin’ Wallbuilders, meaning let’s be separate as in not together, as in not all of us, as in us and ‘them’, as in privileged and elitist, as in…well you get the picture, right.

Really atheist peeps you should take the two minutes out of your day and check out this insanity. This is the dude that Michele “What’s up with your eyes ” Bachmann ‘tapped’ to teach the incoming congressional freshman class, history (and I don’t know if that really happened, but she was considering it)In this two minute  vid you can learn some history also, like, the bible addresses the capital gains tax, progressive income tax and my favorite, Jesus opposes the minimum wage. You don’t believe me, well you’re a heathen, what do you know.

(I guess) If you look at the bible as art, then you can interpret it anyway you want-like women are second class to men because they were created second (in both creation stories) and if you pick up sticks on Sunday, God will kill you (I don’t know what passage that is, sorry). This is the first I have heard about the bible and taxes, but I guess that is because I never had true faith or that I never studied the bible hard enuff or I never prayed for God’s laser of enlightenment to magically beam into my head and open my eyes to the truth (in the bible) that is right in front of me. Or…

Team Atheist and Team Skeptic are totally awesome smart and Dave is full of (insert your fav. derogatory word here).

* Matt 20:1-16 on the minimum wage.

* If you are not eloquent in history, or science, or philosophy, then when you here a speaker like this it is easy to be fooled. We naturally appeal to authority, which is not a ness a bad thingy. Appealing to the wrong authority is a bad thingy.

* The Declaration of Independence is just a collection of sermons.

* Right Wing Watch, where I ‘borrowed’ the idea for this post. Thanks homies.

* I might just post once today. Horus, the original son of God, who btw is the sun (pun intended) is calling me. Afterall, I supposed to be brown. Awesomeness. Have a great day everyone. Sacramento, Nor-Cal, sunny 74 degrees.


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