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Let’s go To Italy And See A Movie, Babe

Hey, let’s get on a plane, go to Italy and go see this movie, Habemus Papam. The reviews have been tremendous.

“Traditionalists say that the film, by the acclaimed Italian director Nanni Moretti, is “an instrument of Satan” and is particularly offensive as it has been released in the approach to Easter (Tele UK).”

“Salvatore Izzo, a Vatican expert, branded the work disrespectful and boring in an open letter to Avvenire, the Catholic bishops’ newspaper (Tele UK).”

“Antonio Vacca, the bishop of Alghero, described Moretti (the director) as “an instrument of Satan for separating man from God”.”

“It’s a horrible cheap shot,” Mr Zeffirelli said. “I feel especially sorry for this Pontiff, who may not be a crowd-pleaser, but who is very civilised and reasonable.”

Yes, that dude said “civilised and reasonable (and that is how the article spelled civilized).” If that is not three thumbs up for a movie I don’t know what is. So why is director Nanni Moretti the “instrument of Satan”, because he is depicting the current Pope, without actually saying that it is the current Pope, as someone who…see’s therapist. Yes, it’s true. Satan has revealed himself because the Pope, a human being, did what millions of regular other people do, people like you and I (and yes, I have seen a therapist**), and go to see the therapist. 

I forget, is the Pope supposed to be more than human. I know that he is the bridge between lay believers and God, the conduit that mere mortals can conduit-y to the Big-G; but is he more than human (something from my crap Catholic upbringing tells me that he is special, he has Pope-Power or something. But certainly I could be wrong . Maybe that was fear ‘they’ were trying to teach me.). Regardless, the flesh and blood Pope, the human, should have no reservations about going to see the doctor. I have done it, millions have done it and dagnabit, there is nothing wrong with it; but ya wouldn’t know it listening to his fan boys.

Habemus Papam is just a movie, from a director who does fart jokes, and yes, the Easter release is probably planned, but so what. Just this week we had Catholics destroy Piss Christ in a gallery and now they are calling for boycotts of this movie. One critic said…

“Salvatore Izzo, a Vatican expert, branded the work disrespectful and boring in an open letter to Avvenire, the Catholic bishops’ newspaper.

He said Catholics should boycott the film, which opened in Italy on Friday and will be in competition at Cannes.”

Well that just makes me want to see it more. If they didn’t make such a big dealeo about it, I certainly would have never heard of it (btw, thanks guys). It’s like when Bill “I always have my panties in a bunch” Donohue discredits something, then you know it has got to be good.

Sadly, I will not be going to the Cannes Film Fest this year, or even to Italy,so I’ll have to wait for video. Until then, I’ll be watching the news for the results of the protests that the Catholics will be having, which will generate more publicity for this movie, and I will be waiting for Bill’s official and professional movie review. If it is anything like (the dude that poo poo’d the film without seeing it. I can’t find the link) then ya know it will be atheist approved.

See ya at the movies. Heart Kriss.

* From the Youtube comment section thanks to Goodle Translate…

“the cinepanettoni are the most vulgar that our country offers us, is 10 years doing the same film set in different places, with jokes and sketch the same: a fart here and there, followed by your mortacci and an “an you see tits and other gauges are surrounded by a little pussy.

Moccia nn I think is fair, given that caters to 14 year olds, offering models of fake and politically correct that they see reality for what it is not especially x ki nn experienced certain things…”

Farts, tits, fake and politically correct, caters to 14 y/o’s. This sh*t was made for me…even tho I’m 42. So awesome. 

* I haven’t addressed You in a while, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking about You. It has been a really tough winter for me, and I just haven’t been feeling the hearting. I still think about you everyday, babe.

** It’s totally OK to go and see a therapist. Really.


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