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Damm It Was A Hoax

I finally got to it and here it is, that conclusive evidence that the we, no, the world has been waiting for. We are not alone, we have been visited-many times in fact-the stories of ‘them’ helping us, giving us their advanced technologies, warp speeding our mere human knowledge ahead by leap years (is that even a lot?), medicines and nano technology, and ya know what, now that I think of it…they built the pyramids too. Or not.

Dead Alien Hoax In Russia Goes Viral” is…is, (probably) a rubber doll. Dam, I want that sh*t to be true. It would be so cool, aliens and all, UFO’s, lasers, transporting, invisible cloaks, anything Star Wars-y, the whole nine yards, but it’s not. Aliens/UFO’s and all other hoax-y things like Bigfoot (in any and all cultures), all of the diff. Loc Ness monsters, ghosts, paranormal stuffs and the girlfriend that only complains about valid things, have been around since the 70’s when I was a little kid, and maybe even before (that is a joke), and sincere peeps have been looking for them even longer. If UFO’s and their alien pilots existed, then wouldn’t we have real conclusive evidence by now. I think so.

When aliens are found, I know in my heart they will speak LOL Catz.

The sighting part of it is a lot like miracles. Both happened with more frequency…back in the day. But as the awesome human brain evolved and our knowledge of the physical world around us, wouldn’t ya know it, those events diminished. Areas are much more populated than ever before and vid cameras and iphones are much more prevalent than all sighting combined-so where is the conclusive evidence. I don’t fault ancient-homie for not having skeptic skills to evaluate, what we now call, the fakey fake evidence, or lack of. Just look at all, and I mean all, the previous evidence for miracles, end of times, UFO’s/aliens and Bigfoots, they were all inconclusive not ending the debate and not proving anything (except for fakey fakeness).

The Russian Alien hoax video really defies the odds. What are the chances that these dudes walking in their small quaint Russian Village (full of millionaire, blond, 6ft, female tennis players-hey a guy can dream can’t he), happened to have a vid camera-even tho I just said it’s common to have something like that-so that they could film that one alien that was incompetent, or unfortunate enuff, to crash and land where they live. Off the top of my head it is a really big number to a super small number. Is it possible? We have never seen it happen before. Is it probable? It is highly improbable.

If it did happen tho, it would be truly miraculous. Us puny humans currently have no technology that can travel through space at such a speed that it would be practical. It’s just too far to planet hop with mere human technology. One half mass times velocity squared is the kinetic energy needed for space travel and currently there is no vehicle or power source that can achieve that. It is like the super cool laser gun that would be really cool if it existed*. Second law of thermodynamics, man (and I’m pounding my skeptic fist on the table in unbelieving frustrating while saying that). A laser gun cannot work for the same reasons space travel cannot work: too much energy needed to make is work.

What is it folks? Do we as humans need something more than this. Is it a built in wonder mechanism in our brains that drive us to imagine that there is more than this physical and material world that we live in. Afterall, we did make up God, made up Loc Ness, alien space travelers with miraculous knowledge and technology**, Bigfoot, Justin Beiber and that Friday song. The drive to imagine the fantastic is awesome pants and I’m sure this drive, no matter what causes it, has both good and bad coming from it: but that doesn’t mean that any of that stuffs is true.

Kind of wish that I spoke Russian so I can know what dudes are saying. Probably, “Yea Vladimir, we’ll fool those Uf-ologists in the states and make hella rubles.” “Dam straight, comrade.” We have this choice to make concerning UFO’s and such. Is this it (that is not the choice)? Is there only the physical world that we live in and in this world there is only material. When we die, and everything that lives at one time will die, that is it; there is nothing after (that is still not the choice), or even before. The universe doesn’t care and there is no plan, evolution is blind (which is not to say that it is good or bad), there are no ET’s or their vehicles…

We have this choice. We can interpret all that stuffs as bad, negative, oh nozzzzz kind of thingies and life has no meaning (because no there is no plan or intention). Or we can admit and concluded that, yea this is it and it’s awesome. Who cares what may or may not happen, what may or may not exist, when we do not know. That doesn’t take away from the beauty of the life we are living right now. What is the saying…Live for life, not the afterlife.

That is the choice.,,oh and UFO’s don’t exist.

* It would be cool if it existed, and not the truck sized experimental models that armed forces are trying to develop. I’m talking about a laser gun, like in Star Wars.

** Part of the myth is that they give us this advanced technology, kinda like space saviors, with their gifts of knowledge and eventually, power.

The Skeptics Dictionary

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