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Dancing For Rains Sake

God is crying because the New Atheist hurt his feelings.

Rain Dancing the new fitness craze for upper middle class cougars. Rain not included in first session.

“With Texas in the throes of a terrible drought and wildfires raging across the state, Gov. Rick Perry designated April 22 to April 24 (the Easter weekend) as official days of prayer for rain (The Texas Tribune). I was wondering what peeps on twitter were talking about yesterday. There were a lot of rain dance tweets and WTF Gov “Rain Dance ” tweets. Now I know.

Currently Texas is in the throes of drought and that hella huge fire is not welcomed either. It is my sincere hope that all Texans and fire peeps are safe with their loved ones. I imagine that all the practical measures that need to be taken have been taken, which leads us, or leaves us, with praying for rain. Here in the Atheist Blogosphere we have collective fears like the very religious Teabaggers will defy all odds and win some power in the next election, that the Huff Po will continue to promote the woo,** and what we do have of a secular public square will diminish and be replaced by a required and sanctioned government god belief.

What is god punishing Texas for, anyways. New Orleans got it because of the gays, Japan got it because of their Satan inspired Buddhism-that is too fool us. What ever it is, Texas made God hella angry, even though they are one of the most devout states in the country. I don’t have the exact numbers (so I will Kriss the numbers) but there are hella churches in Texas to people. They are the America that pseudohistorians teach historical facts to like the framers did intent for this to be a Christian nation where it is OK to read the bible in school, or that the constitution is based on the bible and the the government and religion should not be separate (all those things are wrong and harmful).

Last year at a 3 day fest there was dancing from 11am to 6am, guess what, it rained (and these girls didn’t want to go to my tent to talk about atheism. They said, “No proselytizing, bro.”

I was thinking that the Native American Rain Dance was really just a way to kill time. It is going to rain, eventually and if you dance long enuff, the you will get a hit. Of course you will not count all the days danced and it didn’t rain, that can be explained by you didn’t have enuff faith, or belief to make it happen, or the Gods must be punishing us or testing us, so we have to be more devout. When in reality the seasons dictate the weather. Probably, and this is off the top of my head, that when all the stuffs that you harvested last summer is dwindling and you need to plant soon anyways, then you start the dance.

It seems that the Gov. of Texas wants us to do the same thingy. The fire crews are out there heroically battling the fire and risking their lives, here in reality, while the leader of the state is comfortably sitting at his large home asking the people that elected him to wish for something that is very needed and is also uncontrollable.

* Article Texas Tribune

* It is still in the experimental phases, but in Abu Dhabi they are making and using (sometimes it even works) rain machines. I’m not sure how it works, I haven’t read an indepth article yet, but I think that is so great. On one hand we have people, so called leaders, that are asking perfectly good folks with an evolved human brain to dance for rain or pray for rain. the silly thing about that is that if you do it everyday, whether you are devout or sincere-that doesn’t matter one iota because one day it will happen, it will rain. I wonder what the % of peeps that would take part in an experiment like that, or even read about it, or even talk about it at a party, would believe that their actions caused the rain. I bet it would be a ‘shake your head and wonder’ amount of people (meaning a lot).

Secondly, it is science that it working on the problem. In Abu Dhabi, and I believe in other middle east dessert-y places. They have the need for a constant water supply, are they dancing/praying, or are they working on the problem here on earth for the reality of right now.

Reminds me of a joke that I saw on twitter yesterday. If the GLBT lifestyle, specifically the biblical sin booty sex, incites Gods anger so much (but not clergy abuse, women getting raped in the military and Michael Bachmann’s creepy eyes), then why not drop off a bunch of wonderful gays and lesbians, oh what the hell and some bisexuals, into drought ravaged areas and solve water shortages. Two answers: 1) God/prayer/humans understanding of God/god works in mysterious ways, doesn’t work like that (even though we have been indoctrinated to believe that is how it works, and 2) God as the solution to the ills of the world, doesn’t work, period.

* Just though of this, if it does rain, the it will be proof of prayers answered…or skeptic proof that believers can’t gather, analyze or understand basic statistics, or meteorology.

** We all go to the Huff Po like that lover we cannot quit. We talk behind her back about our needs not being met, but when no one is looking, we go to her and she is soft and welcoming….OK just made up that last part.


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