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The Hearting is Back. It Might Be Too Much, But That Is What It Is

I like festival season a lot…a lot.

 It is that time of the year in Sac-Town where every day, weather wise is prefect. Right now it is only, like, low 70’s. Me personally, I wouldn’t mind if it got up to the low to mid 80’s-that way I can get my brownness on (alfterall, you cannot be in the soft and gentle brown lovers club if you are not brown.). Yesterday was the first day that I addressed You in quite some time. It is not that I haven’t been thinking about You, because I have. It has been a tough winter for me (depression, but I feel better now), but now I’m ready. I ready to bring back my Friday series “It’s Friday and I’m in Love….” and the more difficult to write, but more pinnacle-y of my attempts to write something that is kind and gentle, something loving where I open up and

My flat dead cat, Cleo, who I still love and think about all the time.
Me drinking, then reading in that order.
My ex-dog. Miss him.

and I show and share, the hearting.

Yesterday She came in full spring time glory.
Her hair has grown to shoulder length over the winter and when it softly cascades upon the slenderness that is Her shoulders, perhaps tickling them when she turns Her head to look at me with those green eyes, everything stops and I’am at the mercy of Her glance. If She looks at me, like the original Sun God Horus, there is a warmth in her smile and greedily I lose all and everything that I should have been doing and thinking-just on more moment, please don’t leave. I’m selfish, I know…but can you blame me.

“Hey, I’m moving out of the neighborhood.” “Awh man, ” and with hesitation in my voice and rather meekly,”…and out of town.” I must have looked like a fool. “No silly, just to the other side of downtown with some friends.” ” Awh, I’m sorry. I know that you like to live by yourself, being that you are all independent and all.” “Yea that’s true,” she tilted Her head the way swimmers do when they have water in their ear, or the way two people do when they are both nervous and are about to kiss. After a pause that lasted to long (it was probably, like, one second), I asked, “We’ll I guess there is going to be a party, ya know a small intimate party, not a wild out of control one.” “Yea, that is what we were talking about. nothing big and out of control. It’s kind of laborious.” “Yea small intimate parties are better for conversation.” “Well, I give you a call when it is happening.” Me, in my full awesomeness, hair down, slightly ball hugging tight pants and my tight shirt that doesn’t hide anything, “OK.”

I totally need one of these. A big pot and a half white, half Filipino baby.
I hate to see you leave, but it is a pleasure to see you go.

Spring time is for lovers. But where is mine. I’m still waiting baby, and I’m still looking. I think about You all the time and I haven’t, nor will I ever, give up. Be patient lovely, when We do get together, it will be as if it were like that all along…

If You were here right now, I’d would be holding the softness of your hand in mine, slowly bringing it to meet my lips to kiss. And when I do, it will be so soft we will both wonder……


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