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Happ Eoster Weekend Round Up

22 ‘lucky’ Filipinos got ‘nailed’ on Good Friday.

Believe it or not I slept in till 12:30 (I usally wake up at 5:30am everyday, without an alarm clock). Here is a round up of what I have read thus far (thanks Google reader).

Manila Times article about my beautiful peeps giving thanks to the Spanish God on good Friday. If you think it’s a little extreme, don’t worry-they sterilize the nails.

Rationally speaking on the flesh eating miracle story from NPR. Anecdotal stories do not hold up in court, and if you are on Team Skeptic, nor do they hold up in the court of skeptical public opinion. Francis Crick has an amazing story about the moment of his conversion and devout Filipino homies have anecdotal evidence as to why they nail themselves to crosses on G-Friday.

Left Hemispheres is becoming one of my go to spots. I believe (and I could be wrong) @uzh77 is responsible for this goddless heathenism…and we should all thank him for that. Thanks “U”. “Our Hero” Hiych v. that Indian guy (whole debate, over an hour).

The volume is a little low on this, but @weesue hooks us up with Hitchslap on faith based morality.

My new Pinay (Filipino woman) homie k.syrah busts out with Atheism:I Was Born A Roman Catholic. Who says that there are no female atheist, much less minority female atheist. So awesome.

It doesn’t matter that an egg is not spherical shaped. If religion had too make sense evertime, then there would be no religion.

Over at Atheist Revolution there are two idiots of the week, I guess it has been a fruitful week for idiots. The first one was That Hair, and the second one is Bill”I always have my panties in a bunch” Donohue. This time Bill is mad (when is he not) because of the War on Easter. In case ya haven’t heard, they are called Spring spheres now. Sounds catchy.

Another from Left Hemispheres and this time it is the much talked about debate between Sam “I don’t have a good nickname for him yet” Harris v. W.L. “The atheist slayer” Craig. Be informed, know what you know and why, otherwise we would be ‘believers’. Check it out.

Take this poll, does religion unite or divide. As of the time I took it, it was 86% for divide. there is an article attached to it also. Interesting stuff, yo.

Christopher “Our Hero” Hitchens writes a letter to American Atheist.

Finally, howz about that laughing thingy. don’t forget to laugh. Andy at Laughing in Purgatory doesn’t. It’s a post about that old lady named Eoster.

Not too bad if I say so for myself. Perhaps I should sleep in more often. goddless homies have a great weekend and I hope that the sun is shining in your neck of the woods. If you have to go to an Easter function, don’t forget to tell everyone that it is now called Spring Spheres.




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