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Pictures From Good Friday, Philippines

Hows does this go…”Hey, baby, my beautiful redheaded wife, the person I love so much, let’s go on vacation.” “Kriss, my super hunky and kind BF, where would you like to go.” “Mmmm, i really heart the Philippines.” “I know you do honey. You heart your pepole so much.” “Well, can we go to Pampanga province?” I say meekly. “Sure baby, anything you want. It’s beautiful and tropical there right.” “Yeeeesssss.” “And we will have a good time and be able to meet locals, right.” “Yesssssss.” “Well, what’s up then. Let’s go.” “Mmmmm, they will be crucifying people for Good Friday to show thanks to their God for reasons that skeptics like us may be, well, skeptical about.” “I’m going to my mothers.”

Is that Darth Maul in front doing security control.

Please no flash photography and please, please, turn off all cell phones, Thank you.

I thought that there was supposed to be two thieves. Is this a new new NIV translation.

Much props for this woman for breaking into a male dominated field…the crucify yourself to give thanks for a God that the Spanish brought here when they enslaved everyone field.

Everyone knows that Jesus wore a red sarong. Judas picked it out for him.

It was proposed to use the modern nail guns but the preservation society  poo poo’d the idea.

No comment.

The not so famous or popular ‘Jesus eye view.’

Local kids, “I think I want to be Muslim (2nd most popular religion in P.I..).”

The lucky Reuters reporter that got to cover this event. Also “Concerns for Infection” and “My People Are Hella Weird“. If you have children, then i hope that you gather many Spring Spheres this weekend.


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