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Hunky Jesus 2011 Contest, San Francisco

First of all hat tip to “C.V.”. If you do not go to Hot For Jesus Former Fundie, then you do not know where to go to see all the coolest pictures of hunky Jesus’-really. Secondly Dolores Park in San Francisco is a great park in a great city. Warning: Do not drink anything when viewing this.

I’m not sure what this it.
The Lamb of God is actually a lamb. Who woulda thunk.

Team Bro Jesus. i need to go drinking with these guys, err, I mean Jesus’.

I thought i had a hairy chest, but then again, I’m not the son of God.

Shout out to Hitler Jesus

Check out black muscular rabbit head Jesus.

To be accurate, and you know everything on the interbutz is accurate, some of these photo’s are from the 2009 contest. Google Hunky Jesus Contest 2011 if ya want to see more. So awesome, thanks “C.V.”.

For more vids. go here.

A tweet from “C.V.” aka @teanoranges on that awesome twitter to lil ‘ol me. “@ Um, I fully endorse this contest & I’m open to sponsors who would support a 2012 pilgrimage – if JC doesn’t return by then.” That is a great idea. we all should go next year, that would be so fun to attend. Ya know, go to the City, have some fun, check out hella Jesus’, maybe have a couple of drinks…and then see what happens (wink wink). So awesome…wait, I already said that. Awesomeness.


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