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Jesus on Trial

How in Sweet Jesus’ name, I guess that would be Jesus, did I miss this. Jesus on Nazareth was put on trial in….Richmond, Virgina.”The trial was the brainchild of Mark Osler, a former U.S. Attorney in Detroit who teaches at the University of St. Thomas Law School in Minneapolis and is friends with a member of the Richmond church (CNN).” Virgina has the second most executions of all the states. guess who is first*. It is not so much about JC, as it is about religious folk and the death penalty. can they really practice what they preach-turn the other cheek, forgive.

Gallup Poll (2004) say that 80% Republicans v. 36% Democrats are in favor of the death penalty. 74% of conservatives v. 42% Liberals in favor of and 71% Protestants and 66% Catholics were in favor of v. 57% who identified with no religion (that’s us guys). To be fair the survey also concluded that 74% of men v. 62% of women were in favor of killing peeps for crimes and 71% that said they do not attend church weekly were in favor of v 65% were not in favor, but did attend weekly church. So what does it all mean…you can get any statistic to prove your side of the story.

Back to the Jesus trial…

“We will now call the case of the Commonwealth of Virginia versus Jesus of Nazareth,” Broaddus bellowed from the pulpit. “I will remind you this man has already been found guilty of the criminal charge of blasphemy.”

“Jesus’ public defender, Jeanne Bishop, said that “Jesus was indigent.” In the mock trial they purposely had a young black man sit in the place of Jesus.”

“Jesus was indigent,” Bishop said. “And so I think [Osler] wanted a public defender to underscore the point that this is a man with no money, no resources, no position in society.”

“Most of the people that I represent fit that description.”

“He also wanted to have a young African-American man play Jesus, and that’s what we have tonight. Most of clients look exactly like this young man who will be sitting beside me,” she said (CNN).”

No, I said take it all off.

What the mock trial was to determine was if JC would do ‘it’ again and what punishment he should get. Guess what, the jury said that Jesus would indeed go all blasphemy again, but they didn’t sentence him to death. They just gave him life in prison. Go figure.

This is not so much about Jesus as it is about society, the society that is predominantly religious. What would Jesus do, no what would society do, what is society doing. Would we even recognize Jesus if he came back, or would we call him the average nut job and through him in jail. We know what would happen if he landed in Virgina.

* CNN article

* Gallup Poll

* There are several books about JC coming back and he doesn’t recognize the world and the Christianity that is being practiced. One, the one I always keep pimping is called The Tumultuous Times of Jesus in the 21st Century (Dam Luke, couldn’t ya have made a shorter title) and the new one from fakey fake author James Fey The Last Testament of the Bible (I think that is what it’s called but I’m not gonna look it up. I was reading his other book, A Million Pieces when it came out that the facts are…fakey fake. F*ck that guy). for all we know, he did come back and didn’t like what he saw and is growing weed in Nor Cal, living in a hippie bus with no motor and has naked hippie kids from two/three hot hippie ladies, and…and I think I saw him at a three day concert last year at, like, 3 in the morning. It’s true.


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