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Meet Me At The Lecture, I Showered

Don’t forget, today is the day that all the cool kids in the Sacramento area will be going to see and hear Greta speak. 6pm tonight at the totally easy to find Student Center, five bucks for nonstudents like me, free otherwise. G’s talk is titled Atheism and Sexuality which is cool because I have both of those.

The atheist daddy and comedian, Keith Lowel Jensen, will be opening for “G”, but I’m not sure if he will be giving a seminar of changing diapers or doing comedy-it’s all good with me.

That little group, I think they are called, the super awesome Secular Student Alliance (ever here of ’em) and Sac City Freethinkers is putting on the show, so show some of that good atheist, freethinking hearting and come out tonight. If I’m not shy, I’m a gonna ask “G” a question about GLBT peeps and the religion(S) that they practice. With liberal religion, the secular crowd is very similar and very all related-y: gay marriage, feminism, atheist in foxholes, gays in the military, female clergy etc…So how do GLBT religious peeps reconcile their practice (and I want to hear more than “I/we don’t have to reconcile, or justify, our faith with you , you stinky hippie atheist.). Or something like that.

Hope to see y’all there. Last year for that guy, PZ, it was a packed house and I expect the same tonight. Awesomeness.

* “G’s” blog


* “G’s” takedown of Pascals Wager


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