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The Church of England, Politics and Secular England

For the second time in my lifetime, I get to experience the wedding of a lifetime. In the 80’s it was Chuck and Diane and in 2011, it is Kate “Dammmm, girl” Middleton and Prince “I played the royalty card” William. Rowan will be presiding over the wedding ceremonies, but I’m sure that he has other thingies on his mind.

“The queen became “Supreme Governor” and “Defender of the Faith” of the Church of England when she ascended the throne in 1952—a title established in 1562 after King Henry VIII broke with Rome in 1534 (RNS).” To get into the exclusive royal club one needs the correct bloodline and the correct religion. The monarchy appoints the bishops and the bishops confirm the would be monarchs into their club. It is self sustaining and circularly clever. If you are unfortunate enuff to be born a commoner and do not beieve in the correct God, then no royality for you. Although PM David Cameron is suggesting a change in that.

David is suggesting that non Catholics get in on the action with the repealing of the 1701 Law of Settlement

“By law, the monarch must be an Anglican and confirmed member of the Church of England. Middleton was confirmed in the Church of England on March 10 at a private ceremony held at a London palace (RNS).”

Rowan is not into that, but dude has other thngies on his mind. His church has been split in half (at least half) because of the controversy surrounding the ordaining of female bishops. You see, Rowan comes from the “women cannot teach a man” philosophy, while the rest of the modern world is cool with that. This archaic and stubborn sexism has dwindled the numbers of the Anglican church and split that church into two camps: one that is cool with female and GLBT clergy and the other that is not. That combined with David, a politician but a commoner, trying to evolve England’s ways, makes for a lot on Rowans plate. At least he still has the monarchy on his side, right.

“For his part, William has expressed little concern about or commitment to either the Church of England or Christianity. Those close to the couple say they are, like their peers, quietly indifferent about religion (RNS).”

Hey, maybe dude is not that bad after all (except that sucking on his silver spoon while not royal peeps are fighting for opportunity, a frackin’ chance). P-Will and Kate reflect the younger generations lack of devotion to the church of the parents and grandparents. Secular England is growing while religious England is getting smaller and smaller. With that the connections between politics, the church and the monarchy are becoming smaller and smaller. The younger generation is on the side of gay and female clergy and the older generation clings to old ways. The secular tide is rising and Rowan and his boys (and it is still a boys club) need to evolve or disappear.


* Could Will have been able to hook up with Kate if he were not royalty.


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