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Transcendence V. Spiritual

Is this spiritual or transcendence, or spiritual transcendence.

I’m still trying to process the super awesome talk that Greta gave the other nite at our, likewise, super awesome and yet humble college, Sac City. This is a gonna be a quick hitter cause I have to go to my awesome job (that is three awesomes in one opening paragraph-that’s a record) soon and it is hard to concentrate right now because one of ‘them’ is sitting across from me and talking, rather loudly, about him (and she seems really brainwash-y, totally doesn’t make any sense, anywayssss…).

One of the many points that Greta brought up was the hijacking of the word ‘spiritual.’ Y’all know how if feel about hijacked words, like environmentalist and feminist; ‘spiritual’ is a new one to me. Basically what she said was that even tho the word ‘spiritual’ is not necessarily religious, when peeps talk about spirituality it is steeped in religious meaning. The word that she prefers is ‘transcendence’.

There are two kinds, one is religious and the other is for everyone else. She said that instead of describing an experience as ‘spiritual’, because of the hijacking and subsequent religious meaning, then let’s use the word ‘transcendence’.

St*t, I have to go to work. I’ll write more on this later 2nite, which will be easy because I have hardly said anything. But all is not lost. I have just been informed that a similar talk is available, not that actual one from the other night, brought to you from the awesome peeps at Enjoy.

* Religious Transcendence

* Transcendence for everyone else

* Spirituality


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