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The Hijacking of Spiritual Sex

It is well established that long ago religion has hijacked morality. For example, one cannot be good, or moral/ethical, without God. It is also hard for me to believe that peeps, mostly lay believers, actually believe this. Among the many words that have also been hijacked is feminism, atheist, environmentalist, etc…Now…now we can add ‘spiritual’ to the list, well, at least according to Greta Christina (and fo sho I agree).

The Sex Positive Community (or Sex Positive Movement) is a group, Gawd bless their souls, that have been working for decades to lift the prejudices, the limits and the WTF’s that organized male dominated religion has thrust upon society-whether one is a believer or not. The SPC are advocates for “non taboo sex”.

“Sex positivity is “an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, and encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation. The sex-positive movement is a social and philosophical movement that advocates these attitudes. The sex-positive movement advocates sex education and safer sex as part of its campaign.”[1] The movement makes no moral distinctions among types of sexual activities, regarding these choices as matters of personal preference (Wiki).”

It is a lot like freedom of speech in that it is for everyone and everyone has freedom of speech, or it is for no one and no one has it. Either we all have sexual freedom or no one has sexual freedom. The thingy about the SPC is that it is steeped in New Age-y stuffs and while their attempt to cast away all the “hang up’s” of traditional religion is quite noble, they have replaced domineering Christian beliefs of sex with domineering New Age beliefs about sex. Goddess worship, Wicca, chi/ki/qi etc…have hijacked spiritual sexual transcendence the same way that traditional beliefs have hijacked morality. And dagnabit, we want it back.

So, can the super awesome materialist, those who do not believe in the supernatural, have transcending, meaningful, and ‘spiritual’ sex with their loved one(s); you bet your bottom dollar Annie. Peeps have the choice, and I have written about the choice before, to believe/feel that were are only molecules, atoms and that our every experience, all experiences, are a result of the evolved human brain and that is suckville, or we are only molecules, atoms and brain and that in and of itself is awesome sauce. Who said that just because everything we as humans experience is a result of the chemical processes of the brain is a bad thing. Who said that one must subscribe to metaphysical beliefs to be spiritual (hint: it’s religion).

“To me this is not a downer. This is magnificent…The idea that earth, water, and sunlight” has created  humans and the human experience is awesome. With these ingredients we have the capacity for “ecstasy for ourselves and one another.” A little stardust, abiogenises, evolution thu natural selection and voila, humanity; and with that the ability to take what was once a purely an evolutionary and functional endeavor (sex) and make it more than that.

Sex was once entirely for the propagation of one’s DNA, the survival of our species, but not in 2011. We once had an animal need for palatable food and transformed it into “chocolate souffle.” Language was once a very simple form of communication, but it evolved and developed into a magnificent form of expression. Early humans made simple tools that aided their survival, but as time passed our brains got bigger and our tools got better and what was once a simple tool turned into the Apollo moon landing. Humans have again and again taken evolutionary traits and transformed them into much more than function.

The human sexual experience has gone thru the same transformation. At one time it was purely functional (reproduction) but it has grown to be something creative, something that can provide humanity with pleasure and a way to connect with ones lover and to connect with the universe. Millions of years of evolution has hardwired sex into our brains. Sex is at the forefront of the human experience, and now, part of that experience is to (potentially) please yourself and others, create and share joy, and connect with everything and anything that has ever, ever, been; and if you so choose, it can be a spiritual experience (no God or chi required).

We can choose how we view sex. It can be part of God’s plan, but with that comes all the manmade restrictions and rules (usually to the detriment of women). We can subscribe to New Age-y metaphysical beliefs and choose to believe and frame it with ancient thought and ancient mysticism as many in the Sex Positive Community want us to believe. We can also choose to believe that even with the materialist worldview that we can still have a “spiritual” sexual experience, an experience that is transcendent, loving, tender and full of joy…an experience grounded in the physical reality of the here and now on Earth.

The later…that is what I choose. Awesome sauce.

* I really encourage ya to watch/listen to Greta’s vid from Skepticon. She is much more eloquent than I.


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