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Sac Town, Fun Town

I think, no I know I’m older than a lot of these cars.

I’am what is called California-Centric, specifically Nor-Cal. Sorry to say this, but if you don’t live in Nor Cal, well…I’m sorry. Sacramento has it’s critics (usually grumpy peeps that cannot see the awesomeness that is right in front of them), but I’m not one of them. I moved here in 88′ for what I thought was going to be a couple of months, save money, then move to L.A. to become an awesome bass player. Guess what, I never moved, and I never really learned how to play bass.

Don’t call them roach coaches.

There are two goodies this weekend. The first one is the Annual Snowball Rally 2011 and the sh*t is going down right now at the #atheistcafe (really known as Espresso Metro). The Snowball Rally is a traveling roadshow of awesome, smaller, hella old cars. They travel from somewhere, stop at Metro and eventually end up in Lake Tahoe. Really, the cars are so cool. I’m partial to the old Alfa’s. They are small and cute (c’est moi). There are also old Porsche’s, original Cooper’s, Mercedes and hella other suffs. So awesome.

The second one is what I believe is the First Annual Sacramento Mobile Food Festival.  That is happening a little later and pretty much all day. There is some kind of weirdo law that prohibits Mobile Food Trucks from doing their thing in Sacramento and this event is geared to debunk the myths of what used to be called roach coaches, and maybe, maybe help change the law. While other cities are currently having a foodie renaissance of mobile food, Sac Town, unfortunately, is missing out. I hope to try some Yum Yum Taco’s, those tiny burgers that I’ve been hearing about…oh yea, and listen to music in the Sacramento sun, check out the ladies (hello, I’m Kriss) and, yo know, drink my precious beer.

It’s been a while since I’ve said this, but…Atheist get out there. Let’s prove them wrong, let’s show ‘them’ that we are good peeps also. We are good without God and by getting out there, we can debunk that silly myth that atheists are loners. Besides that, dontcha wanna have some fun. I know I do.

See you out there you wonderful atheists you. Awesomeness.

@burnttorange of the legendary Espresso Metro.

* It’s not warm enuff to not wear a shirt out. Sorry.


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