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Numerology and the Rapture

i. Numerology is fakey fake
ii. The May 21 Rapture uses numerology, therefore
.iii. The May 21st Rapture is fakey fake

“Mark my words. The world will not end on May 21, 2011. Nor will there be a “Rapture,” an event in which Christians are supposed to rise worldwide to meet Christ in the air.” Dr. Avalos

Dr. Hector “Super Awesome Biblical Scholar Atheist” Avalos destroys the utter foolishness brought to us from the Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping. Forget that dude made the same prediction of the world ending in 1994, and ya know I’m no expert on anything, but it looks like we are still here, in his book. No, no, I guess that was practice, cause now it’s Rapture time.

Here is Camping’s, err, methodology. 2011 A.D. is exactly 7000 years after the Great Flood. That is one. Two is, Camping took the numbers 5, 10 and 17 and in his words “doubled” it by taking the quantity 5 times 10 times 17 times the quantity 5 times 10 times 17 to come up with the number 722,500, which is exactly the number of days since the crucifixion. He “doubles” the number because in Genesis 41:32 Joseph went MLK and had a dream where a “double occurrence” meant “certain fulfillment. So double dream equals “certain fulfillment” and the numbers are exact, soooozzzz, Rapture begins on May 21st. OK, here’s the destroying part.

1. Pope Greg XIII lopped off 10 days of the calendar to “stabilize” the date for Easter. So one day it was Oct. 4th and the next day was Oct.14th. There is no compensation for that in Camping’s prediction.

2. Camping “doubled” the quantity 5 times 10 times 17 to get his number. My Asian math alarm is going off. To normal people, people that know math, (5x10x17) X (5x10x17) is what we call…squaring the number-and that is not doubling. Oops.

3. Why not cube the number, afterall in Acts11:10 Peter had a dream where an occurrence happened three times. This is what I call, and I’ve said this so many times, classic cherry picking from the bible, or, the bible contradicts itself. Oops again.

4. Dr. Avalos for the past 30 years has predicted that there will be no Rapture and he’s been 100% correct. On the other hand, for 2,000 years religious peeps have been saying “the end is near, the end is near” and they have been wrong 100% of the time. Who would you bet on.

Believe it or not, there are people that believe in predictions like this so much that they forgo medical procedures, sell all their belonging and/or spend their remaining money of “spreading the word.” Predictions like this incite fear, spread foolishness and wastes time and resources. I actually feel sorry for all the sane Christians that do not subscribe to this kind of Tom Foolery.

Don’t believe me. I guess we will find out on the 21st.

* The article from Avalos.

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