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The Two Responses

Yea Black Prez, oh yea.

I’m a dude so don’t ask me what I’m thinking and what it is that I currently feel…the answer is, nothing. So the baddass black American President got the bad guy and I totally want to kick it with him, have a beer and check out the ladies-that is with the Prez, yo. Traveling the interbutz this morning I have seen both the conservative response (I’m HAPPY that dude is dead) and the bleeding heart liberal response (We should have captured him and tried him and there is no way I would feel happy that someone has died-I’m liberal). Me, like I said, I don’t know how to feel. I’m just glad that this part is over.

In Jim Walls response in the Huff Po, he says that Xtians would never feel HAPPY at someones violent demise. Well mark your calendars y’all…I krissthesexyatheist (formerly Christopher B. Camia) agree with…da da daaaaa, the Christians. No it’s true, and I guess that makes me a charter member Christian (not). Anyways…

Last night surfing the interbutz there was a lot of the same talk. What I suggested on a couple of blogs was that…is it an lack for words that peeps said “I’m HAPPY that dude is dead” when they really mean, yea dude was fucked up and I’m glad that this part is over. Is it lack of time that has passed, meaning it’s still fresh and new, we have not processed it yet, and I don’t know what to think and feel. A combo of both, or all three, or it is what it is…they are truly happy at the violent and total destruction of a human, a very bad human, but still a human.

OK, now I change my mind…I still don’t know what to feel.

* The Christian known as Jim Walls


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