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Religion in the News May 6th, 2011

Black is back, as if…

 Is it audacious to start this edition of Religion in the News with…my own post (good). Ding dong the witch is dead, and in this case the witch is, or rather was, public enemy number one…Osama Bin Laddin. In the aftermath of dudes violent death, we are posed with some questions: is it OK to celebrate his demise ( if we truly are a Christian nation as some claim), is torture OK if it really did get the info to track him down and is it OK to kill if it increases the sum total of happiness for the majority of peeps. Check it out.

The classic, a train is rolling down the tracks….

File under WTF and then, OooooKkkaaayyyyy. Catholic priest converts to Islam. Gawds plan just gets weirder and weirder.

Once again we are reminded why Separation of Church and State is a good thingy. The National Day of Prayer is marked with controversy and tax payers money. I didn’t check it out, I opted for Left Hemispheres Nation Day of Reason. What is that great saying…Don’t teach religion in the science classroom and I won’t think in your church. That is how I roll.

 I know that this sounds like the beginning of a joke but here it goes…A priest, a rabbi and an imam…walk into Joy “Hello, I’m Kriss” Behar’s show to discuss “Is Osama Bin Laddin pure evil.” Is that  a trick question? I personally do not believe in absolutes. Nothing is always this or that, there is no 100% something something. Was dude a bad bad dude, sure, but was he pure 100% evil? Check it out, yo.

I think my tweep @uzh77 is involved with Left Hemispheres.

 The top baby names for 2010 are dominated by religious names. Needless to say, I was disappointed, not because they are religious names, that would be petty. Because my name is 13th. C’mon now.

Finally…Let’s file this under WTF and super super creepy weird. Dude in South Korea was found…crucified. He has two crosses next to him, a gash on his side and a crown of thorns and the nails (oh, the nails). The matter is under investigation and you know what, I don’t want to know the how’s and why’s. I’m scared.

I could go on, but I’m in a good mood. Religion is such a downer. The and sun is out, it’s warm and not too hot. The short shorts are out, there is love (or lust) in the air and dagnabit, I just really appreciate life. Atheist, super awesome atheist, my teammates, my people…I heart you so much. Have a great weekend, yo.

Is it ethical to have a dog on Seal Team 6, cause there is.

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