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This Is What I Do On The Weekends, Wish You Were Here

The main stage is powered by Horus, the Egyptian sun God.

 These are pics from last years fest. I don’t have a phone of a camera, otherwise I would take pics my self.; but If I did that, then for sure I would never be able to run for president.

One of the best parts is all the ethnic dancers, because what comes with that is ethnic music.

When nite falls, the fire dancers come out…and that also means the Rave is gonna start.

Davis, Ca is one of the best, if not the best, cycling town in the world. Really.
Yea fo sho I’m into the Kriss lifstyle thing, but don’t forget, this even is about the planet (not me drinking a lot and flirting with girls).

There is something that I like about ethnic dancing…a lot. I mean A LOT.
Hawaiian is not my favorite. I don’t like the guitar work or the lack of percussion. Grass skirts, at about 4:30am I’ll probably wearing one myself.

Just like in Burning Man, there are art installations all over the place, and somethings you can sit on on…whatever that is.

There are frisbees, weird bikes that dudes make, instruments to play. this stuff is there for everyone to enjoy. Just get rid of you shyness, your inhibitions and do this.

The Whole Earth Festival was the first cool event I went to when I moved to Sacramento in 88′. The first time I went there I knew “These are my people.” Here it comes…Atheist, I heart you. It hurts me when the Bill Donohues and the overly religious politicians say bad things about you/us. It’s not true. We are good people. There is nothing that a believer can do that a nonbeliever cannot do. It is part of our mission to prove them wrong. I can’t do this alone, please help me, help us, help society.

I hope to see you out there. I’ll be the long hair’d hippie, with brown skin and a muscular bod playing drums at the drum circle or dancing at one of the stages of music. I might be blowing bubbles with kids or hula hooping or riding one of those weird bikes. I’ll be looking for You.


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