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DJ Jesus Buddhist Monk

 I’m watching this really cool doc from BBC called Was Jesus A Buddhist Monk. It’s sooooo good. I know, I know, Kriss you’re skeptic meter should be going off. I know I know. When I check out stuff like this, and I hope you do it also, I take it with a grain of salt. The word ‘speculation’ comes to mind when watching doc’s like this; and with that is the other side of the coin that asks “what if?” The doc gives reasons why their is no mention of Jesus from age 14 to 29 and if he didn’t die, then what did he do after.  That is a huge piece of life, a piece of the Jesus puzzle is missing and this doc has reasons, examples.

They interview a pretty good amount of religious scholars, and very interesting to me, they admit the non historical nature of the gospels and pretty much say “so what” that shouldn’t deter you from belief. One guy says the gospels are like four different journalists reporting on the same football (soccer) match giving different perspectives. (To them) It doesn’t matter that there are different accounts of the same event, that doesn’t mean said event didn’t happen (and said event, of course, is the Resurrection). Jesus Seminar member, the super awesome John Dominic Crossan is in it and as always he gets down with that good skeptical biblical knowledge.

Knights of the Templar
This is not in the doc, I just thought it was funny.

There is so much good, fun Jesus information in the doc. Did JC get down with Mary, afterall he was also a man, a human. What you don’t think dude liked doing it-I think he did. And Mary was hot, so ya why not. If that is true then the church was deff not happy about that and that is why, according to the doc, they squashed the Cult of the Magdalene (and she is always depicted as a redhead, which I think is really awesome. JC and I have something in common). There is that claim that Jesus studied Buddhism and that is why Christianity looks very similar to that religion: don’t kill peeps, be good-n-stuff, miracles, meek will inherit the earth, walking on water, feeding hella peeps with a bagel or something (I made that last one up). There is so much info I’m going to start another paragraph for no reason besides it will look good.

One dude talks about how the ancients were, I’ll just call it like it is, dumb by our standards and couldn’t tell the diff between death and near death. Jesus spent less time on the cross than your garden variety criminal (some accounts say 6hrs) and when he was taken down he could have recovered in the tomb. When DJ J of A-Town (Joseph of Airmathea) went to the tomb he brought healing herbs not embalming stuff, why. One dude is looking for Jesus’ bones in the mountains of France and in that part they go over some really cool Knights of the Templar stuff, ya know the warrior monks that protected pilgrimage’rs on their travels. If that is true then there is no ascension, the literal and physical rising into the air, into heaven. And you can get your atheist nerd learning on because they talk about interpolation, the inserting of ascension into the bible, ya know, to make it more consistent (which it is not anyways).

Wow, I’m going to stop. There is really cool info in this doc. Do I believe it all, some of it?  I’m agnostic. They do claim that a dude by the name of Jesus did exist in human form, that is not in question. What it is about is the Resurrection and the lost years from 14-29 and the years after his NDE. Oh, btw, this information is heretical…and that is another reason why it’s so cool. In the doc, they talk about peeps that were examining these very same things and the authorities made human steak out of them (that’s a joke). OK now I’m gonna stop. Check it out and I’ll try and organize the info in smaller bite size pieces. Awesomeness, I’ll stop blabbering now.


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