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Revisionist History Keeps Repeating Itself

Last Supper Black Cat likes real history…and peeing on your just washed-dryed clothes.

I guess I missed David Barton on Jon Stewart…until now. Sheez, the battle for secular society is, like, forever. It is a machine that keeps rolling and rolling (even when I’m at my second job with not internet). I was a little disappointed with the Stew Man and this episode, but I can’t blame the guy. 1) David Barton is smooth and his pseudo-history speak is just like creationist pseudoscience speak-if you don’t know, then you don’t know. 2) Jon does a really good job, nightly. We can expect him to totally know everything and nail the guests that we want him to nail, but that would be wrong on our part. Just give dude credit, he does a great job. Leave the nailing to these guys…

Awh, Last Supper Cats won’t nail anyone…would they?

Ed Brayton of Dispatches From The Culture Wars is the fffshizzle-he kills it on this one. Ed-B points us to real historians that know better and adds that even “evangelical Christian historians, (to) point out why Barton should not be taken seriously.”

 John Fea,history prof at Messiah College, on should Dave B be taken seriously as a historian, like Michele Bachmann (nice pic) and Mitt Romney want us to believe says, 

“Barton claims to be a historian. He is not. He has just enough historical knowledge, and just enough charisma, to be very dangerous. During his appearance on The Daily Show, Barton impressed the faithful with his grasp of American history and his belief that Christians are being subtly persecuted in this country. But if you watch the show carefully, you will notice that Barton is a master at dodging controversial questions. He refuses to admit that sometimes history does not conform to our present-day political agendas…Here is the bottom line: Christians should think twice before they rely on David Barton for their understanding of the American founding. Let’s not confuse history with propaganda.”

 Prof Fea (check out his take on May 21, Rapture) has blogged about Bartons appearance, I think 9 times (Blogger has been screwy as of late. Good luck finding the rest.) Check him out, he is outstanding.

Buddy Jesus likes davey Barton’s history…it makes him money.

If you watch the Stewart clip you can see that Barton will throw out thingies like “we have one thousand million gazillion documents and they confirm that bla bla bla,” or “I have been employed/consulted by the states of bla bla bla,” or “that history text book that I helped write is the best seller (as if that means it’s correct).” Let’s not forget a very important point. DAVID BARTON IS NOT A HISTORIAN! Neither am I but Randall Stephens, professor of history Eastern Nazarene University says…

“He’s not interested in knowing much about the history of colonial America or the US in the early republic. Why? Because he’s using history to craft a very specific, anti-statist, Christian nationalist, evangelical-victimization argument in the present…In history circles this is what we call “bad history.””

This is it in a nutshell. This is the battle for secular society. There are peeps out there that have an agenda. Their agenda is to infiltrate the science classroom and insert one religion, their religion. Their mission is to rewrite American history to state that America was indeed created to be a Christian nation, that the founding fathers intended for the bible to be taught in public schools and that the general consensus that there is a separation of church and state is a misinterpretation of what the framers wanted (and notice that Bartons group is name Wall Builders-seriously, he’s a separatist, elitist, us or them. sheez). That is the battle of misinformation and pseudo history that we are up against folks. Many times we, Team Atheist, are asked, why do we do this, why don’t we leave them alone…This is why.

* Wish I had the clip of the Stewart show. Click the link check it out and see what we are up against. I can’t leave without mentioning Chris Rodda and her awesome book Liars For Jesus. Where Barton will confuse his readers (mostly homeschooled Christians, parents take their kids out of public school and teach then his history) by ‘quoting’ documents, and he does-but the documents are out of context-this book goes point by point, document by document and shows where he is misleading.

** Oh yea, I forgot this from just a short time ago. Davey Barton on how the bible addresses the capital gains tax. So not awesome. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa….


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