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“And in a rare occurrence in genetic research, a British-led international team’s finding of a DNA region linked to depression has been replicated by another team from the United States who were studying an entirely separate group of people (Reuters).”

Two studies in the American Journal of Psychiatry claim that there is a link between depression and chromosome 3p25-26. When a variation, or a mutation, of the chromosome happens then that is when one gets all depress-y, the two studies suggest. Looking at my family, specifically my arseh*le dad, I have always thought and wondered if there was a genetic link. These two studies confirm my thoughts.

Depression affects millions worldwide. In minority communities it is still stigmatized. Really, really dumb things are said in minority communities like, “I ain’t crazy,”  or “I ain’t crazy (really that is pretty much all they/we say).” By 2020 it is projected that depression will rival heart disease as a “burden” on society. Right now, depression affects as many as 20% of the peeps out there (me included).

Of course when a study comes out, or a study to confirm the previous study comes out…more research needs to be done. The difference this time is that the two studies went all confirm-y on eachother rather quickly. So (I hope) that means new and improved techniques and meds will be available, sooner than later.


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