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Where’s My Baby?

I fear the day.

It’s true, Filipino’s eat dog.

I’m so hungry for baby burrito.

I was wild as a kid also.

This is how wild I was.

Don’t tell my dad I like Justin Beiber better.

This says David Lynch to me.
This baby is reading the ‘articles.’

When kids make dinner.

Mamas a ho and so is the kid…err, I mean ‘dancer.’

Prego barbie.

This is how I feel about photo opts.

Sweat, piss, or both.

“I need a Panda heart, s.t.a.t..”

Kids come second.

Awh, kids say the funniest thing.

I stole these from a Tumblr called I Hate My Parents…and…there is no God. I still want my baby.


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