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I Need The Sun

Egyptian Meow Meow, or The Original Gawd, Horus (inside joke-cool kids only).

I need the sun so badly, it’s not even a secret. It doesn’t look like the sun will be coming out in Sac Town today, sozzzzzz howz about I generate my own sun; or rather son. The Egyptian Sun God, Horus, is hella older than most Gods. In fact if ya think about it, the ancient peeps and their ancient brains, probably looked to the sun (both literally and figuratively) and thought, “Man this is the sh*t. This awesome hot thingy in the sky, when it is up, brings warmth, suddenly there is hella food, and the ladies look tan and hot (that is an actual quote from an old Facebook page written on a cave wall, really).”

My dead flat cat, Cleo, no reason, just wanted to show you. Meow.

I’m agnostic about the historicy of Jesus. If dude never existed and was totally made up, as the Jesus Mythicists want us to believe, then I’m cool with that-it just makes debunking religion easier. If it turns out that Jesus was just a dude, a human here on erffs (not a god or the son of god), then I’m cool with that also. It doesn’t matter which one you subscribe to, we can still get the job done, but…regardless, I think it is important to study religions predating Christianity (dontcha want to learn).

It’s Cleo time…meow, meow. I miss my dead flat cat. Le sigh.

 More or less, Horus’ origin goes like this…Dudes mom, Isis, took the remaining dismembered parts of his dead dismembered dad, Osiris, except his wiener-because it was thrown into the river and a catfish ate it-did some magic-y stuffs and voila, ladies and germs we have ourselves a genuine sun god named Horus. Zeitgeist One pt1 does a good overview of Horus, and actually it’s quite infamous. Check it out.

It’s kind of long-ish and the sound is not that good so here are some of the better points from Bill. you guys know Bill, right. He has that show on that TV that I personally do not have and he came out with that movie a couple of years ago…Religulous (you have to go to the link, they won’t let me/us embed-lame-o’s).

Here are some of the finer points that the Jesus Mythicists use that are also in the movie. They were both born of a virgin, angels came to visit the unsuspecting mother to say, “Hey, you is knocked up girl.”, both were born and died at the same time of year (Dec 21-25 which not coincidentally is winter solstice), a star heralds their birth, three wise men, both face and resist temptation, have a team of homies, like, 12 of them, did miracles like water walking, healing-n-stuff, both went Resurrection themselves and raised others, etc…The documentary (Z pt.1) goes over a lot more and the ass-trology stuffs is really interesting. 

Not only are there uncanny similarities between Jesus and the super awesome and original Egyptian sun god, Horus, but there are many dying/rising gods, many of which predate Christianity: Buddha, Attis, Adonis, Mithras, Ishtar etc…The dying/rising god(s) was certainly not indigenous to Christianity and any honest peep, whether religious historian, biblical scholar, will admit that Christianity took hold when Rome made it the official religion, complied the original/first bible in 325AD, and attempted (and succeeded) in attracting Pagans to the official state religion, Christianity. Not only is the dying/rising god(s) story unoriginal, but so are biblical stories like the great flood, Resurrection, virgin births, chosen people, a chosen child that is prophetic, the list goes on and on….but, kind, gentle and very goodlooking reader, that is more for another day.

Awesome peeps. Thanks.

* Dying/rising Gods besides JC.

* Jesus Horus connection.

* More Jesus Horus stuffs and a good list.

* Horus Wiki

* 1st Council of Nicaea

* I’m frackin’ losin’ it. I can’t delete this thingy down below. WTF. As of late I can’t add in my head, which is a game I play to keep my mind sharp (fail), I couldn’t remember old school customers names twice this week, and usually I’m really good at that (fail) and now I can’t delete this stupid thingy down below (fail). WTF is happening…………………..Oh, and this really shows I’m losing it. I was gonna tell the inside joke. My awesome ex roommates have an Egyptian cat, so they named him after the original god, the Egyptian sun god, Horus.


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