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Christopher "Our Hero" Hitchens

When I need encouragement, I watch this. Bro-crush is to lite a word to describe how I feel about dude.

If I studied everyday for eight hours a day, for ten years…I would not have the game that Hitch has. Not that I’m not skeptic, or atheist, smart, I’am, I certainly am. It is not about how educated I’am, it’s about how awesome educated that Hitch is. Not only that, he is a debaters debater. As the cool kids say, he can debate till the break of dawn. On his book tour for God Is Not Great he toured the very Christian (Baptist) South and went into churches and took on their very best*. I could never do that.

I fancy myself a writer, but when I compare myself to his books and the weekly essays in Vanity Fair and Slate, then what am I (and it’s not that I don’t have confidence, I do)?

Collusion is a very good debate, and the production quality is very good. His debates with D’Nesh D’Souza are classic, soooo good. The one with Rev. Al Sharpton in the NY Public Library is OK, deff worth watching, but it is not the best of the debates.

Hitch is so funny and witty and dagnabit, the information is correct. I do not agree with everything that he says, but I do see in the big picture, in this battle for secular society-a society for everyone, including religion-that what our religious opponents wrongly call Militant Atheists, we need peeps like Christopher “Our Hero” Hitchens.

1:48 into the video, “I rest my case.” I heart you bro, Kriss

* He didn’t win the game of debating everytime, but that doesn’t mean that the information was not correct. I think that it is absolutely courageous to go into the Den of Lambs and challenge their best theologian, their best debater. That is heroic.


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