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The Life Of No Regrets

What can I say about the most recent fakey fake end of the world prediction that hasn’t been said already. Nothing. OK, thanks for stopping by y’all, you know I heart me some good statistics (for some reason Saturday is always a poor day for this blog, number wise). Say something, something, write what you know, bla bla bla, OK here we goooooo….

Oh Maureen, I’m necessary. ..and hunky (you deserve me baby, treat yourself).

When facing our mortality, like we are now, one cannot help but think and wonder about life; the life lived and what remains. Would I have done anything different, besides not come back when I ran away as a teenager. Fo sho I have issues, and the old saying certainly applies to me, “even my issues have issues.” I could have finished college while still living under my parents roof, but instead I became a Deadhead, then a raver, then (insert rock-n-roll lifestyle here), bla bla bla. I could have done a lot of things.

Word around the old dojo was that I was ‘in line’. Mr. (blank, blank) used to call me the Prodigal Son 1) because I often went AWOL and 2) because I always came back. It has been about ten years since I left the old school and it kind of boggles my mind how much I would now know, how ‘good’ I would be (and also how unhappy I would be living like ‘that.’). The Old School is a lot like the two loves of my life-I turned them down and I turned them away (no offense ladies, it’s me not you).

There is something I like about 6ft tall, muscular, blond, multi millionaire, female tennis players, but I can’t ‘put my finger on it.’

What about the tennis, what if I continued to play competitive tennis. My old teammate is back in town and it seems that tennis has provided him with a good life. I believe that I could have eked out a living on the Futures or Challenger tour/circuit, or became a coach,, and maybe, just maybe, I would have made it. I’ll never know because I put it down.

After I was confirmed (Catholic) at age 17 I made the choice to not go to church anymore (and it wasn’t until years later that I became a deist, agnostic, then da da daaaa, full fledged member-Team Atheist). The (fake) Rapture is upon us, so what to do, what to do. Repent and choose Gods love, maybe, but which one there are so many. Statistically, because there are so many choices, it is a gamble. On one hand the born again-zzz believe that they are correct, and on the other hand the Pope says that only Catholicism is the true Christianity. And that is not to mention all the different religions. Woody Allen questioned in one of his movies, “What if the Hari Krishna’s are right.” What if indeed…

If I learned one thingy from that one splinter cell of Buddhism that I used to practice is this…Live the life of no regrets. We have choices and we make them. We make mistakes and we live with them. Forgiveness has been hijacked by the believers (one of the many thingies hijacked by religion) but everyone is capable of doing that. To live the life of no regrets is to forgive yourself, in time and eventually.

I’ve lived the life and will continue to do so. I’ve made mistakes and guess what, I’ll make more. On this eve of the final countdown, I guess I could look at the what if’s and the I could-a’s and should-a’s, but what the hell fer. I’m fortunate to have such a great life and I appreciate it.

 What if it does all end tonight (6pm West Coast )? Then it all ends tonight, but it ends with no regrets on my part.

* Live blogging of the end at Greta Christina’s blog. Also, end of the world parties going on in the City. Wish I lived there. Rumor has it that there is a slumber party with some peeps that I would like to meet. If I lived in the City I would ride my bike over there with a big bag of Espresso Metro chocolate chip cookies, a 12 pack of beer, and as I always say, then we’ll see what happens (wink wink).

* Earth Bound Pets, check it out if you haven’t. It’s such a good idea that I wish it was mine.

* The Buddhism that I used to practice. I believe that this is clergy organization that split from the lay organization, and that tells you all you need to know. Sheez.

* Hey super awesome atheists…don’t change a thing. I heart you the way that you are. Be safe tonight and do everything that I would do.


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