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Calling Dr. Pac Man

Ouch, that has gotta hurt.

As y’all know, I heart me my beautiful Philippines and I heart me the National Fist, Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao. Pac Man, currently a governor of the southern provinces while simult. the best pound for pound boxer in the world, really does do good for the peeps; and as of now he’s not the typical corrupt politician. The (true?) story of him getting the Muslim rebels of the south and the Christian/Catholic government forces of the north to lay down their arms for a day and, get this, play some basketball together just brings tears to my eyes. Unfortunately very recently, Gov. Pac Man did the ‘no no’ that I have mentioned many times before.

Celebrity endorsements are what the cool kids call ‘dookie.’ Really now, a person that was born with good looks knows more about medicine or science than…doctors and scientists. Yuck, soooo bad. The danger, as I have written about before (“Unprotected ‘tantric’ sex makes you a better athlete“) is that celebrities can reach hella peeps totally so fast with an incorrect message (Dr. Jenny McCarthy anyone), when the real doctors and scientists have a totally huge backlash hill to climb to correct the ‘dookie’ science. Pac Man, ya know I heart you man and please don’t punch me for saying this but, bro you are in the wrong.

One day, one day. Le sigh.

The Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines, I believe, can be a step in the right direction to cure many of the Islands ills: mainly women’s health and over population. Recently Gov. Pac Man came out with the uneducated blast of…

“God said, ‘Go forth and multiply.’ He did not say, ‘Go and have just one or two children.”

I may have said something about the RHB and over population here and here and perhaps here. The thingy about the Philippines is that it is a third world country. They didn’t need a global meltdown of the economy to be in a recession, they were already hella poor and over populated. For Pac man to quote Genesis is stupid pants because they were already doing God’s work; that is (part of) the reason why it is a third world country in the first place.

The Reproductive Health Bill is opposed by, guess who, the Catholic Church. Being a predominately Catholic country (Islam is second) that is a no brainer. Still, the homie on the street, it seems, supports the RHB, the President (P-Noy) supports the RHB, the Filipino Freethinker’s support the RHB and women’s rights groups support the bill. In fact, because President Aquino (P-Noy) supports the RHB he has been threatened with excommunication from the Catholic Church. Hows that for God’s love.

Pac Man is the sh*t in the boxing ring, and ya know, he’s probably an OK governor (for all I know). The thingy about it is that he’s in the wrong when it come to the Reproductive Health Bill. In a time when the economy is reeling and over population is strangling the land and the people, the Philippines needs the Reproductive Health Bill more than ever before.

Good luck P.I., you need it.

* There are a lot of good articles on Filipino Freethinkers about the RHB.

* Good piece on the RHB on the always awesome Al Jazeera.

Update: Interview with Lea Salonga. If you are an Americanized Filipino like me, then you will only understand half of this. Hat tip to “K”. Thanks.


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